Inspira-cation, the next big thing in traveling!

By Sergio González | 11:13

Traveling has been part of who we are since the moment we left Africa to see this vast, wonderful world, and some hotels have been there serving travellers for centuries, usually along pilgrimage ways. However, it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution began in the UK and the new middle classed enjoyed some leisure time -half day on Sundays- that tourism became a thing, and therefore a word of its own.

The new railway system moved workers from London or Manchester to the countryside in no time -at an astonishing speed of 15 miles per hour. A fine Englishman, named Thomas Cook, saw the opportunity and started the first tourism company in 1841.

Tourism has been wearing the “leisure time” disguise for more than a century, but it’s all about to change. Do you want to be part of it? If the  2008 financial crisis brought us the concept of stay-cation (instead of vacation), 2014 is here to live up to inspira-cation.

We enjoy 4 weeks of annual leave in Europe, but in countries like Japan or the USA they have to work hard to get just one week of paid holidays, and they have to make the best of it. With literally no time to waste, your vacation must be something worth remembering and not just worth twetting about.

Our past tourism experience has taught us that we should expect much more from our holidays than just a bunch of pictures; they should inspire us! They should be an adventure to our senses, a life-changing experience, a way to connect with friends and family or whatever you have in mind, but it has to be important. They should make everyday worries seem so far you don’t remember anything anymore, full of experiences and adventures that can help us grow as human beings. But where can you look for that inspiration?

For some people getting lost in the jungle will be enough, while others would rather spend their time in a thriving metropolis, enjoying art, music and fashion from the coolest, most creative of human beings. If this is you, you should discover nhow hotels asap. But hey, don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what other fellow travelers have seen, done and experienced in nhow hotels and decide on your own how to describe the views from our nhow Rotterdam. That’s the power of the Internet.

nhow hotels are designed accordingly to our times, fit for our modern world needs and what we didn’t even know we needed. Inspira-cation offers you the chance to experience all the things you still want, but hardly ever have time for after your late 20s, like concerts, art exhibits you can actually understand and enjoy, or food that could soon become your very best friend.

NOW by Xiang Yu Yeung from nhow-Rotterdam on Vimeo.

NH Hotels put a lot of effort in bringing up nhow hotels. They are a completely new idea in the hospitality industry and being a trendsetter ¡s always risky. The venture is going far better than we expected and even hoped, and it’s because of you, who help make nhow hotels a paradise for artists and creative minds of all kinds.

Like an improved modern-day version of Victorian hotels where Lord Byron would write and fans would follow, nhows in Milan, Berlin and now also in Rotterdam gather around their bars, lounges and restaurants not only 21st century travellers, but also the most creative people living in those cities. We are very grateful for it and we can’t help but to contribute with the best visual shows, concerts and recordings by international pop singers and DJs, tailored fashion shows, and much more you shouldn’t miss in your next inspira-cation!


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