Instagram: A play by play of your life

By Sergio González | 18:20
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Come on, get Instagram app installed and start sharing

Instagram started as an iPhone application but soon after its foundation in October 2010 it was also available for other Apple devices. Android users had to wait until April 2012, the moment it was purchased by Facebook, and in 2013 they’re expected to take it to the web, though sites such as Webstagram or Statigram have already been offering this.

There is tons of online advice for businesses to succeed on Instagram and get the customer engagement and brand awareness they seek but all of them could be summed up in just one: use Instagram to be transparent. Let your customers, clients and enthusiasts see through your company, not only your products. For example, how you make the products you later market by posting pictures of the people who make it possible, is a good start. Also recommended is to spend some time getting to know what’s already been posted about your company and products and start working from there. 

NH Hoteles is very engaged in social media. That’s where people are and we are a people’s company, so if you share with us, we will do the same with you. NH Hoteles’ Instagram was one of the first to be launched by a Spanish company and we couldn’t be happier about your response. Everyday, more and more of our social friends are interested not only in the usual pictures we post but also in the many contests we hold on our Instagram profile. We always publish these contests in Facebook and Twitter as well, so don’t worry; if you want to win, you can do it from many different platforms.

From December 2012, when Instagram announced their private policy change favoring third parties and not the user (your photos don’t exactly belong to you anymore) to the beginning of January 2013, Instagram has lost more than 8 million daily users, around half of its audience. However, weekly and monthly users have not decreased; they’ve actually increased around one percent.

Truth is Instagram quickly withdrew their policy change, we understood it wrong, they say, but users keep on punishing them. Facebook paid a lot of money for Instagram and monetization is very present in their minds but treating users as tradable objects has proved to be a very bad idea. Wasn’t this crystal clear from the very beginning? Fanning the flames a little more, Zuckerberg’s sister complained past December about her private Christam family photos being publicly shared.

On personal use, we love sharing our trips and the most breath-taking views we see on our vacation. Since Facebook took over Instagram for 1,000 million dollars (according to the Federal Trade Commission), it’s easier and more connected than ever, since Zuckerberg’s creation is our second preferred one to share pictures.

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Buzzfeed is an exuberant site, full of funny and interesting lists they create from many resources, one of the main ones being our comments on social media networks. Their list on how Instagram has ruined the way we eat shows perfectly how we are using this app. After Instagram, if you don’t take a pic of your meal, it’s like it never happened. For some more laughs, check out this comic about how we are using Instagram.

Actually our meals is what we are far more likely to share on Instagram, which should be taken into consideration by the food industry and advertising, because potential customers are already there.

Instagram’s success hasn’t gone undercover for anyone and it has set a pattern many are willing to follow. Every Whatsapp has its Line threatening its dominion and every Instagram its Pick, again from the Land of the Rising Sun. Following the old proverbial Japanese motto that worked so well in the past –copy to improvePick features the coolest aspects of Instagram, mainly its retro photo-taking mode, but adding its own manga touch in the form of tons of bright naïve graphics, stamps, filters and word-art.

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