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By Sergio González | 10:31
Berlin graffiti

Among the best things to do in Berlin: visit Tacheles

It is said Berlin is the most edgy capital in Europe, a trendy modern I-don’t-care-what-you-think kind of town, where anything can happen. Nowdays Berlin is a free-thinking spot where underground art exhibits, sudden alternative concerts, drinking in the street and tons of crazy fun are among the best things to do in Berlin.

Germany promotes art like few other countries in the world and many artists live on government facilities supported by public money so no matter how young and unknown they are, they can focus on their work, not in finding another job to pay rent. As a result, Berlin artists are freer and have plenty of time so there are openings almost every night of the week, usually promoted through social media.

There are several squatters houses that have become part of Berlin’s cultural heritage and are the alternative Berlin museums, meeting points for edgy Berliners, worldwide hipsters or designers and any kind of visitor. Everybody is welcome in places like Tacheles where a bunch of urban artists have (had) their workshops and show-rooms.

Tacheles closed past September 2012 due to severe structural damage from WWII but the artists have carried on with an online version and the cafes and restaurants around still hold the bohemian ambiance you must check out. Metallwerkstatt, Tachele’s open air sculpture park, can still be visited at Oranienburger Strassegreat place where to ignite crazy Berlin’s nightlife.

Young, cool and edgy but also a bit grunge; that’s Berlin, the underground Germany.

Belmates House in Berlin

Belmates Haus, one of the places where to start your Berlin nightlife

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien is another cool place to check out the latest art in Berlin. Placed in an old hospital in Mariannenplatz, 25 artist from all over the world live and exhibit in here.

Among the coolest things to do in Berlin, underground Berlin it is, you can’t miss a visit to Friedrichshain. An old part of Berlin Mitte, full of abandoned warehouses that are the coolest clubs and arts centers nowadays. It’s where the most vibrant and hipster Berlin nightlife happens-also great vibes during the day. There are free concerts every night of every kind of music and the environment is, yeah once again, cool and edgy.

Another hip feature of Berlin nightlife is the underground bars that come and go; they are usually open just one weekend and then they move to a different location; finding these is part of the fun. Don’t hesitate to ask locals, Berliners are super friendly. Improve your chance to live a berlincraze in Prenzlauer Berg, the trendiest district.

Remember the words JF Kennedy said when he arrived in Berlin in 1963: Ich bin ein Berliner (I am a Berliner) because that’s the way Berlin will make you feel; welcomed and sort of at home.

Nhow landing page

Stay at Nhow to live the coolest summer in Berlin

If you’re planning on spending this summer in Berlin, check out Nhow Berlin, the coolest and most edgy accommodation in town. Nhow Berlin drinks from vibrant Berlin art scene and elevates your stay with art in every corner and services no other place offers, such as renting a Gibson guitar or attending any of the parties that are going at any moment in its two music studios. For anyone willing to discover the real Berlin this is the place to stay and remember, for early bookers there’s a 25% discount.

And if you’re thinking about a shopping weekend in Berlin, tell Nhow staff so because they have a treat for you. In partnership with Galleries Lafayette, Nhow Berlin offers an exclusive package with champagne, shopping vouchers, shuttle service and your own personal shopper. And if you like the sheets, towels or the pink telephone designed by Karim Rashid, you can take a piece of edgy Berlin back home with you.

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Photo credit: Gertrud K.


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