It’s alive! Living wall designs

By Sergio González | 10:15

Green wall on Caixa Forum Center in Madrid

A few days ago we learnt in this post about the benefits for the environment and our own health green walls can bring, and we are going deeper into the awesome world of living by a wall of living plants.

Green walls in public spaces have been a thing for some years now in airports like Changi in Singapore or the outside versions on Caixa Forum Center in Madrid. The largest green wall so far (3,00 sq m) is in Los Cabos Convention Center in Mexico, that recently beat Il Fiordaliso shopping center in Milan. Anyway, it’s time for this technology to make it down to our houses

The experience of these communal living walls have been so positive they are spreading faster than a cronut recipe. It’s a trend and it’s fully on. According to, 93% of existing green walls have been built since 2007, though it’s a design from 1938 by Stanley Hart

In Singapore’s airport, soon after building up their colossal exotic green wall they realized people preferred being around it and that the coffee shops nearby were always the busiest. Canadian airports joined in 2012. Chicago’s O’Hare is flashing out their new green wall in 2013.

Green living walls have amounts of benefits we naturally feel and few downsides, if any, we really don’t want to know, because they look gorgeous. Even astonishing if you get a good designer and fly free.

Whether you stay grounded and grow some local vegetation like in Los Cabos or you go for the fancy bright, colorful jungle, including a waterfall if you may, they look amazing; the more if the room is painted in light colors. See how lovely a green wall will go with your brand-new all-white living. It’s amazing how trends suit each other.

No one can deny living in a modern home is way better than in the wide openness, but our bodies still don’t get that. They have been evolving through millions of years to adapt to natural conditions so bringing some wild into our concrete lives can work wonders for our inner balance.

Your skin will glow a little extra and your mouth will do that weird thing when it moves your lips up and force your teeth to show. Unless you are cursed with pollen allergy, living next to some natural elements is a good ally for our health and mind, and you could also grow edible veggies on a kitchen version.

Beyond renovating the air, plants and the soil they grow in can clean your home from dangerous chemical elements we hardly ever care for. All they will ask in return is some light and water, already pumped by an integrated system. Buy them a treat from time to time in the shape of a good eco-friendly fertilizer and remember to talk to them nicely every time you have the chance.

It may sound crazy at first, but several studies have showed the different results after some days of talking to plants tenderly or yelling at them. One bloomed, the other withered; no need to ask which was each one. If you want your living wall to be happy, hang out with it. Totally symbiotic experience ahead. Needless to say, plants breathe oxygen back during the night so green walls are an absolute no-go for bedrooms.

As always, you can dig your way into DIY green walls. The irrigation system is complex and the sunlight orientation must be carefully considered, artificial lamps aside, to get them to bloom and look alive but it’s not impossible. Get your instructions and good luck! Get ready to dazzle your visits!

Photo credit: russavia


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