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Jazz was born at the end of 19th century in the USA, based on European influences but with a strong self-character that makes it unique and one of the most interesting music styles. Swing, improvisation and performers’ personal phrasing and sound give Jazz the touch that makes it so popular in America and also very classy and intellectual in Europe or Japan.

At NH Hoteles we love music. Not only is it so extremely beneficial to our minds and souls, it just makes our lives so much more fun and interesting. We can’t set a soundtrack to our lives -unless you’re on Spotify all day- but we can get to know the best Jazz clubs in the world and keep them in mind next time you’re in the city.

JAZZ CAFÉ ALTO, Amsterdam. Dim lights, the thick patina of time -it’s more than 50 years old- and live music every night of the week is Café Alto business card. Forget smokey rooms, it’s 21st century. Several generations of Amsterdammers have found their way to this cozy place, filled up with great memories and pics from the past, but also international celebrities such as Bill Clinton or Liza Minelli. Jazz Café Alto is the classy fancy Amsterdam, just like NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.

VENICE JAZZ CLUB, Venice. Jazz music is not as popular in Italy as in other European countries but Venice Jazz Club makes up for perfectly. It’s the only Jazz Club of its kind in Venice and mixes up the inherit elegant Venice style with the little underground touch every true jazz club deserves. It’s a small place but with a cool bistro like design, dressed by candles and columns that bring a little privacy to your night. Reservations are recommended but if you show up early, they’ll surely try to find a place for you.

It’s close to Ponte dei Pugni (Fist Bridge), where Venetian bands used to fight out their problems and San Barbana Church, where Indianan Jones tries to look for his father in The Last Crusade. Get your cam ready because the whole neighborhood is a Venetian dream.

HARLEM JAZZ BAR, Barcelona. Hidden in the enchanting street of Barri Gótic (Ghotic Quarter), its difficult location – get directions here– doesn’t stop local and tourists, always looking for the real touch. Harlem Jazz Club depicts Barcelona style, where every kind has its place and fusion is the way to go. From Bossa Nova to Flamenco, every music genre is blended with Jazz to create unique tunes and feelings. If you need some fresh air after a whole jamming session,  Barcelona’s beach is five minutes walking from Harlem Jazz Club. And if you want to feel like home, check out NH cool hotels in the ever trendy Barcelona.

RONNIE SCOTT’S, London. There are many good jazz clubs in London but if you ask locals, they’ll send you to Soho, to live the Ronnie Scott’s experience. It’s a dark room place lit with red-lighted lamps where the emphasis is put on the music and the artists playing. Founded in 1959 by jazz music players, figures such as Jimi Hendrix or Nina Simone used to play here whenever they were in London, invited by the owners to private sessions.

Ronnie Scott’s is cool not only beacuse all kind of folks gather around their favourite music but also because many shows are free if you arrive before 8pm and it’s open until 3 am, an oddness in London. Enjoy it till your feet can no more.

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55 BAR, New York City. The hipster Greenwich Village is the trendy quarter in New York and 55 bar the place to be. It’s small (get there before 7 pm) and cozy. Beside renowned jazz artists, you can have the chance to see the soon-to-be jazz music stars at 55 Bar because there are three jazz schools nearby and students not only attend jamming sessions but also play their own jazz style.

If you’re in New York on a budget, clear your Friday and hit the American Museum of National History. Well, it’s not a jazz club but with the ticket price you get free entrance to any of the two jazz sessions that follow museum’s closure on Fridays.

One of the coolest things about jazz clubs, no matter where they are located, is that they usually offer dinner while the music is playing and making us dream on; and it’s Cajun cuisine! One of the most interesting and delicious gastronomic styles in U.S.A. Don’t miss the chance to try a good Louisiana Gumbo soup or the famous Jambalaya. They’ll give you the extra energy you’ll need to dance all night long! 

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