Keep an ear out! Best music festivals of 2013

By Sergio González | 10:05

The 21st century music industry is yet to be defined and we are living through a changing period that started when Mrs. Music met Mr. Digital in the early 80’s. The entertainment business is one of the largest ones and there is a lot of pressure from every part to get it their own way, but the everywhere-everytime sharing ability we all have nowadays in the palm of our hands has performed an unexpected miracle.

Nowadays, artists perform live more than ever, tours are longer and brighter and music festivals are living their teenage dream, hanging the feared ‘sold out’ too soon. Don’t miss the chance to see all your favorite music stars and the soon-to-be; come have a look at the best music festivals that 2013 is playing for us.

South by South West, SXSW, is credited as the biggest music festival in the world with more than 2000 performances in 100 different venues in Austin, Texas, usually at the beginning of March. From PJ Harvey, Muse and Norah Jones to 50 Cent, The Killers, Metallica, Katy Perry or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs SXSW couldn’t fit better everybody’s liking so you won’t have any trouble finding someone who wants to party in the USA and never be sorry for party rocking again. From Indio, California, which nickname is ‘The City of Festivals’ comes one of the most discerning music festival in the USA, Coachella. Not a regular one lasting more than a week, Coachella runs only for two weekends (12-14 and 19-21 April 2013) and it’s where hipsters and ‘people who know’ meet. Blur, The Stone Roses, Sigur Rós, Wu-Tang Clan and Franz Ferdinand will try to get the audience move like Jagger, getting them ready for ‘Their Californian Majesties’, aka  The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

On the other side of music festivals, Burning Man stands out. As the organizers put it, ‘it isn’t you usual festival, it’s more of a city’. Burning Man is supposed to be a sort of continuation of Woodstock spirit, where music is not played by some on a stage rather than shared and performed by everyone, attendees included. It’s a DIY music festival, ‘not an experience to be described but meant to be lived and enjoyed free and wild’. You can join Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada, at the end of every August. This 2013 theme is Cargo cult, a religious practice that happens when a pre-industrial society meets technology.

The Netherlands are famous for holding many music festivals, mostly electronic and for setting up awesome parties at the rhythm of international trendy DJs and thousands of human dancers, but there’s also a huge pop music festival, Pinkpop Festival (in Dutch). Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s unrelated to the color. The festival takes place in June, during Pentecost weekend, and Pinkster is the Dutch word. Fun, Kings of Leon and Green Day crown a program loaded with hours of good rock and pop. Chase them at Landgraaf, The Netherlands. After a long day of festivities, you may want to rest your tired feet at the NH Maastricht

One of the worst things that can happen during a music festival is rain. It can really ruin your experience and get you crying over dumped tickets as shows are cancelled one after another. To avoid this, Benicassim music Festival, FIB, is the answer.

It takes place in a beautiful little village two hours driving south from Barcelona and though it started independently, it sort of merged with Glastonbury Festival, which was looking for sunny lands. As a result, FIB is one of the best places to enjoy British Pop in Europe. English music lovers know it and thousands fly in every year to see La Roux, Kaisher Chiefs or Arctic Monkeys perform by a sandy beach. Another cool thing about FIB? Music starts at 5pm and lasts until the sunrise or until you can’t dance and sing anymore. Make your visit complete by staying with us at NH Mindoro or NH Turcosa in Castellon! What music festivals on on your must-see list this year? 



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