Late summer apps you wish you knew earlier

By Sergio González | 12:19

It’s a small world, small with yet millions of apps fit in it. Let’s review some apps that can ease our holidays and be the perfect help during the summer.

So you finally tricked your friends into coming on your dream road trip? Cool! It’s going to be so exciting your mind will be everywhere but where in the world you parked before jumping out to embrace you new destination. Luckily for our inner child, app developers have figured out a solution. Get Park’n Find

If your trouble is holding your gears while looking for a place to park in one of those lovely European stone old villages, designed hundred of years before cars, get ParkMe. It spots a lot of parking options and besides finding you the cheapest garages it also guides you to free parking lots in nearby city blocks. Use Park’n Find to locate your car later.

‘I am totally new to the place and have no idea where to have a bite’. Well, the old rule says ‘go for the place crowded with locals’ is nice but sometimes the bar is simply too crowded or you don’t like whatever they’re serving. Trust in other fellow travelers’ experience is the game. 

The ‘go with the crowds rule’ doesn’t necessarily work with beaches. Ok, they are packed because they’re the best but if you hit a popular beach in the middle of summer you’ll find it hard to spot any sand, shamefully covered under hundreds of sun umbrellas. Serious topic though. ‘Reserving’ a place in the sand by sticking your umbrella in the middle of the night is a thing, and it’s punished by law in many beaches in Spain. 

To avoid any kind of issues and to enjoy a beautiful beach, not isolated but acceptably populated, you need a beach spotting app, like Beach Finder.

It will also come in handy to have downloaded a weather app able to offer UV rays strength for the day and a currency converter app, just in case.

Apps displaying tidal info are a must for divers and fishers of all kind but during the summer it will also become useful for everybody who is on a ‘beach and sun’ vacation. For a very simple reason: when the tide is low (you’ll know by checking your app) your share of sand is far larger. 

There are quite a few tide apps, but often they display too much info, hard to understand. Marine Tides Planner for iOS and Tide Chart for Android are so. Get Tide Table for simple yet useful enough info. 

Accommodation is sometimes the main issue of your vacation, but before rushing into the endless hotel reviews a browser throws at you, get the NH Hoteles app. You already know us so trust in the high quality and friendly service you’ll be enjoying is already built. Our app will make finding the perfect NH for you that much easier.

Totally renovated, the NH Hoteles app is available for either iOS or Android users.

It’s so intuitive, there’s no need to figure out how it works. In addition to all the characteristics you already suppose it, it allows you to call the hotel and, for iPhone users, upload reservations to Passbook. Remember that booking directly with us is full of advantages, like first-hand access to promotions and special discounts.

Let the NH app do all the booking work and you will need to do is just pick the hotel of your choice. Unfortunately, we can’t help you to decide among nearly 400 great places to stay! 

Photo credit: Paolo Neo


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