Life’s a picnic!

By Sergio González | 10:15

Picnic sandwiches

We usually regard picnics as the low cost alternative to restaurants or just a quick way to fill up our belly but they are a whole experience by themselves, full of opportunities to have fun if you follow some simple steps to let yourself go and be creative.

First of all, don’t pack junk food, pre-cooked meals or plain grilled cheese sandwiches, though cool gourmet ones are allowed. Make your picnic a memorable experience by cooking some cool stuff for your friends. Picnic recipes must be easy-breezy so it’s the perfect time to make your debut as a promising chef. Besides, maybe it’s the call of the wild, but food tends to be much more tasty when had by the country side so you needn’t be nervous; they’re gonna love it. 

There are currently two TV chefs who usually love cooking picnic food and who you can catch up also online, Donna Hay and Jamie Oliver. They both cook simple tasty recipes with fresh ingredients, straight to the point.

Jamie’s picnic recipes are amazing, full of flavor and with such a beautiful rustic presentation that it will make you willing to get one asap, no matter if you have to cook it for yourself. One picnic idea we can see trending in Jamie Oliver’s plans is a table of cheeses. It’s easy and looks delicious on a wooden table.


Just bring three or four different kinds of cheese, try to make them range from mature to cottage or farmer’s cheese, and add some herbs on top to make them look scrumptious. Jamie’s advise: don’t slice the cheese into boring regularly equal portions, just break it. Beyond the lovely country look, it will also taste better. Another tip? Add some grapes to the mix; the contrast between the sweet acidity of grapes and the conviction of a good mature cheese match heavenly.

Grapes are also a good non-caloric snack once you’ve frozen them. It’s really worth a try!

Forget that chewy bread from supermarkets and do yourself a favor by putting your hands on some good bakery bread; it’s essential for your picnic success. If you must save some money on something, choose a cheap yet deli filling such as bacon and avocados or smoked herrings instead of salmon.

Another good idea for your picnic recipes is to make them theme based; choose a particular country’s gastronomy and go all the way with it. Ricotta and Grana Padano Cheese? Add a bottle of delicious chilly Chianti. Lancashire and Cheddar? Get yourself some cider or ale!

If you are not getting to your picnic spot on foot, think of the designated driver and get a non-alcoholic drink. Summer teas are a very good option. They’re refreshing, easy DIY and almost everybody likes them. Go for a metabolism-booster iced tea to help your body digest the picnic.

Wicker basket detail

What about picnic accessories? There are tons of options, from simple plastic glasses to ultra-modern equipment you can take with you but current trends go for ‘make it simple’. The old picnic set hidden in some drawer at your grandma’s is what you’re looking for if you want your picnic to be trendy and cool. And of course, a picnic blanket with a square pattern. Without it, you simply can’t name your whatever meal in the woods as a picnic. And for the love of picnic god, bring a wicker basket!

And what about the place? You won’t travel just to have a picnic in a beautiful field, sure there are plenty next to your home but if you don’t want to end up with your food in Yogi Bear’s belly, avoid Yellowstone at all costs; just in case he and Boo-Boo are for real! What are some of your favorite picnic treats? 

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    Now that spring is the ideal time for the picnic. I find it interesting one good cheese with a wine chardonnay. For dessert could be some strawberries of the season?


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