Lights, camera, action! NH Hoteles film sets

By Courtney Imel | 10:12
NH Porta Rossa

NH Porta Rossa, Florence

Have you ever dreamt of walking right onto a film set? Our very own NH Hoteles have played the backdrop to many films and have showcased numerous personalities from the world of cinema. Movie buffs and enthusiastic travelers can now relive the scenes from their favorite films at our hotels, so pay attention as we reveal these enticing film secrets! 

NH Porta Rossa, Florence  

Built in the 12th century, the NH Porta Rossa hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Italy. Nowadays it’s considered a historical landmark and an ancient architectural gem making it the ideal set for films throughout the years. Located in the heart of the captivating Italian city of Florence, just off the Piazza della Signoria square, and minutes from the Palazzo Vecchio and Fountain of Neptune, it’s no surprise that it was chosen as the background for a few scenes in the Italian cult classic Amici Miei (My Friends) directed by Mario Monicelli in 1975.

In 1996, director Dario Argento, known in Italy as “The Master of Thrill” chose NH Porta Rossa to film his psychological thriller  La Sindrome di Stendhal (The Stendhal Syndrom). Staring his daughter, Asia Argento, it tells the story of the protagonist’s experience with the actual disorder called Stendhal syndrome. The film is known as the first Italian film to use computer-generated imagery and was instantly a box office hit in Italy, leading to the success of daughter Asia Argento’s acting career. 

NH Villa Carpegna, Rome   

NH Villa Carpegna in Rome is nestled in a quiet area just minutes from the the city center, making it a prime location for Italian director Paolo Virzì to shoot his recent romantic comedy Tutti i Santi Giorni which depicts the story of young couple Guido, who works as a doorman at the hotel, and Antonia a car rental clerk. Take a look at the official trailer for the film and see if you can spot  the NH Hoteles logo in the background. We’ll give you a hint, it’s in the hotel reception scene! 

Television lovers in Italy may even remember this hotel from the series Donna Detective where a room from the hotel was used as a film set for the season finale episodes. 

Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas

Actor Antonio Banderas and Director Pedro Almodóvar on set

NH Obradoiro, Santiago de Compostela, Spain 

The NH Obradoiro, located in the beautiful and charming city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain was the chosen destination by internationally acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar and actor Antonio Banderas during the filming of La Piel que Habito (The Skin I Live In) in August 2010. This psychological thriller released in 2011 went on to win four Goya Awards (including the Best Actress), the British BAFTA for Best Foreign Film, and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Film. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these cinema secrets coming straight from some of our favorite NH Hoteles’ destinations! Which of our hotels would you love to see as a backdrop to a film? 

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