Live Milan as the fashion icon it is

By Sergio González | 11:22

Going shopping has been regarded lately as frivolous when it’s too often practiced and we even call people names like shopaholic, but it’s so in order to be frivolous sometimes. Whether it’s getting your hands on some beautiful shoes, watching your team win the game or lying in a beautiful beach, whatever works for you to leave stress behind is just perfect.

But hey, what if you combine two of them? Let’s say you go shopping while on holidays? Oh, the distressing power will go off the charts. To make it even better, let’s go shopping in Milan while we visit chic bars to hang out with fashion designers and peek into some fashion shows.

Milan fashion week happens twice a year and it’s one of the four big ones, which usually takes place in the same order: NY, London, Milan and Paris. However, fashion in Milan is not a trend, but they way they live. It was the first industry to develop in the town- more than 500 years ago- and has been driving Milan’s economy ever since, while granting the city worldwide fame.

All throughout the year all sort of fashion fairs, shows and exhibits take place in Milan, and they always drag every European brand around. The fairs are mostly meant for professionals, but some of them offer one day for anyone to visit and watch first-hand the new proposals. The next big international fashion event to take place is the Milan Moda Design (7th-13th April), where design meets fashion to create the furniture and cars that give Italy worldwide recognition. 

We suggest you download  the official free app of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion) to plan your visit, matching some interesting fashion events. It’s also very helpful to keep up with trends and get some style inspiration.

Another way to peek into fashion without wearing out your credit card is fashion shows; small-scale versions of fashion week that you can enjoy in places like our nhow Milano and even in churches like the temporary show “Post-Exhibition” in San Carpoforo. No matter where you go in Milan, fashion will be waiting for you!

Il Quadrilatero d’oro (the Golden Rectangle) is Milan’s most famous shopping area and very common amongst tourists since it’s next to the cathedral. Top-end brands like Prada, Gucci or Armani’s first stores opened here, but have evolve through the years to restaurants, bars and beautiful terraces that invite you to spoil the day surrounded by fashion and style.

As your meal was surely light, you’ll have no trouble leading your shopping feet to via della Spiga and via Montenapoleone for some more designer shoes. Give yourself a break and get into some of the art galleries and studios that live in these streets.

Karim Rashid brought all his international flavour in design to make the lounge bar at nhow Milan a new mecca for designers, where fashion, design, food and fun find a common place. However, it’s also cool to peek into tradition while you are on holidays, so don’t miss the chance to visit “Il Baretto”, in via della Moscova, locals’ favorite since clubs and wood panels were a trend.

Maison Moschino is a fashion-themed restaurant where you can find the finest design and learn about trends and pure Italian design; your jaw will drop so many times in amazement it might hurt. If you can’t make up your mind amongst so many good fashion things to do in Milan, you may want to go to 10 Corso Como. Created by fashion editor Carla Sozzani, it’s a gallery/bookstore/designer shop built inside an ancient palazzo that will surely raise your eyebrows. That’s the Milan effect, enjoy it!






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