Living interior design at nhow Berlin!

Designer furniture and edgy architecture is usually a privilege reserved only for the rich, but in the dynamic city of Berlin everybody can enjoy it. All you have to do is lead your feet to Stralauer Alle 3 and you will enter an interior designer’s paradise, which also includes a record studio and happens to be the trendiest spot in the German capital. Welcome to nhow Berlin!

Everything in nhow Berlin has been designed carefully to be functional and comfortable, but also a multisensorial experience. New York designer Karim Rashid was the master mind behind nhow Berlin and you can read all about it in in this interview. His style is bold and he likes it that way. Rashid created a world “free of nostalgia” that seemed quick to breakaway from the old conventional ways of interior design, he quotes: “Fresh colors and round lines are inspiring while four simple walls and a ceiling are not.”

His design concepts have been called names like “radical” and “overwhelming” although according to the lively soirées that happen every evening at Envy Bar, it seems he’s nailed Berlin’s style.

A 450 m2 terrace over Spree River in Berlin’s downtown seems attractive enough, but Rashid added 100 golden, pink and purple seats and the party got started. Christina Schneider, a very popular local barwoman, is in charge of elaborating the drinks at Envy Bar to Rashid’s unique concept and her hand doesn’t tremble a bit while serving her famous sake and tequila drinks

Fashion and design are concepts that nhow Berlin lives by and it’s not unusual to find the receptionist wearing exclusive Fiona Bennet hats or Envy Bar staff pulling off Esther Perbandt outfits.  Both of them are local celebrities and a perfect example to why shopping in Berlin is fabulous and you should totally put some time aside and do it. All around the hotel there are designer boutiques with exclusive clothes, watches, or jewelry.

The focus on design and fashion hasn’t distracted nhow from other arts, especially music, which we could say is the hotel’s back bone and serves as common ground for every other artist at nhow Berlin. How many other hotels in the world offer guitar and keyboard room service or have a whole music department? Don’t expect to be listening to some boring background music while staying at nhow Berlin because the ambient music is hand-picked exclusively by the music staff. 

We invite you to enjoy the bright, edgy interiors of the hotel but we should also bring your attention to the outside because in this case beauty isn’t just found inside. The nhow Berlin architecture was designed by Sergei Tchoban who created an intersection between unconventionality and magnificence that has become the new landmark of Friedrichshain District.

Tchoban wanted the nhow Berlin architecture to be impressive but also to be a reminder of the glorious past of the river as a harbor, so he designed an Upper Tower as an addition to the 8th to 10th floors. It hangs 36 meters above the Spree River and it’s coated in metal so the resemblance to a crane is quite apparent. 

The colorful common areas of the hotel, designed by Rashid, were placed on the ground floor and open up to a public space created by Tchoban. Their combined work is a rich contrast where playful interior design thrives in blunt architecture and where art happens every minute of every day. Come and live an awesome nhow Berlin experience!

Photo credit: Spiegelneuronen

  • posted by kalia | 18 January 2018, 7:41,

    Very creative the designs were so unique.

  • posted by BD Interior Firm | 19 July 2018, 18:05,

    Nice creation. I read it and bookmark for future. Thank you again

  • posted by David Burnett | 03 July 2019, 8:43,

    Just Wow!! the floor style is super amazing. Matching furniture also makes it worth the color. I recommend it to my friends for sure!!


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