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By Sergio González | 10:42

The controversial Kursaal is the main venue for San Sebastian film festival

As soon as the film festivals approach, cities start to wash up and get ready to shine with neon lights. Streets are swept harder and ribbons, red carpets and the promising visit of Hollywood or indie stars make everybody dress up and wear their smartest or trendiest outfits. 

Hotels offer chic balls and charming dinners inspired by the glamour of past golden ages-many restaurants create exclusive menus- and cool parties take place after the showing. If you love style, you can’t miss these film festivals.

San Sebastian International Film Festival, Zinemaldia,  is about to start. If you haven’t booked yet, hurry up.

This Friday the 21st San Sebastian film festival opens its 60th edition with a documentary about the unbelievable adventures of a little house in Uruguay. The venue chosen for the grand opening is the city’s iconic building Kursaal, “a modern rock formation on the beach“.

San Sebastian, in Northern Spain, has been a jet-set destination since the Spanish Royal Family used to have their holidays there. The whole shore has become a luxury resort with high-quality hotels, entertainment and exquisite food. New cuisine applied to tapas is simply delightful but don’t forget to have some fresh haddock cooked in traditional a la Vasca or a la Vizcaína styles.

Ben Aflleck is coming to promote his third film as a director and this time he’s also the main character. Argo is based on the Iran hostage crisis of 1979, when a group of revolutionary students held prisoner 52 Americans in the US Embassy in Tehran for more than a year. 

The films tell the story of 6 people who managed to cross over to the Canadian Embassy when the hostage was beginning and how US Government brought them back home. A deep thriller that promise 120 minutes of intense emotion.

If you don’t want to miss Mr. Affleck smiling from the red carpet, try our chic and comfortable accomodations in San Sebastian.

La Biennale di Venezia closed last 8th September, awarding the Golden Lion to Pietà, a  close and personal Korean drama where its director, Kim Ki-duk, offers a raw vision of the effects that harsh capitalism has brought to South Korean society.

The film The Master, by Paul T. Anderson, took three prizes across the pod: Silver Lion for Best Director and two Coppa Volpi awards for leading actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix. The Master deals with religion issues in the 50’s America and the bold ideas of a charismatic man that will leave no one indifferent, both in and outside the screen.

If you don’t want to come back home indifferent next time you visit Venice, stay at NH Manin, a charming accommodation in front of the Grand Canal, thought for the most fabulous travellers.


Berlinale symbol is the coat of arms of Berlin

For Sundance film festival and for the Berlinale we’ll have to wait until next year.

In the middle of Utah’s winter, the most famous independent film festival still struggles to remain that way. Worldwide known thanks to Robert Redford, the festival organization has tried to make attention “focus on film” several times in the past years. In order to recover its true off-mainstream spirit, Next is a new running category, reserved only for low-budget projects.

Learn about all the films that will be waiting for you from 17th to 27th January 2013 in Park City.

Berlin will pay tribute to indigenous cinema in 2013. Documentaries and films regarding the life of the last native peoples of the planet but also films made or casted by members of these small communities.

The Berlinale Talent Campus celebrates its 11th meeting. If you’re a young film-maker -from directors to film critics everybody is welcome in Berlin- don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get in touch with people from around the world who share your passion and learn while you have a great time. Hurry up, deadline is tomorrow!

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