Marbella glamour and its endless nights

By Sergio González | 10:30

Nothing says glamour like these yatches in Puerto Banús

Marbella is where the disgustingly rich fortunes meet every summer season. American billonaire geeks from high-tech industry share the coast with some oil-sheiks and the heir to the Arabian throne.

The same shores German Aristocracy and many deposed but still influent European royal families have chosen to live, among some Russian giants from gas and iron industries. The real money.

All these people travel with crowded entourages and many more are the ones that are willing to follow their footsteps wherever they go. Models, actors and all sort of artists can be found anytime around their wealthy sponsors.

The mingle of Marbella glamour is one of a kind: the richest people in the world trying to show off before the most good-looking and viceversa. The show is guaranteed.

You’ll come to Marbella to lay in its lively yet heavenly beaches -more than 20 miles of sand ribbon the city- but the looks of people walking around, the shiny luxury of cars and yachts and the smell of promising delicate seafood will numb your senses guiding you to an Andalusian lavish dream.

Everything started in the 60’s when the Prince Alfonso of Honhenlohe-Langenburg reformed his Costa del Sol residence into The Marbella Club and hired the architect who design Beverly Hills to build up Puerto Banús.

Its piers are still very busy each summer -it’s the most expensive port in the world after the Italian ones– but the beautiful people has shifted his clubbing preferences to exclusive Ocean Club.

Nikki Beach and Puro Beach are also good places to rent a white bed or an intimate cabaña by the sea while listening to the last Dj from NY with your eyes on a Brazilian model and your lips on a sushi-gazpacho fussion.

NH Alanda, cozy luxury at the Golden Mile

If you go to Marbella you simply can’t book something far from main street, you need to be next to city historic center and Puerto Banús because this is all about glamour.

The old town of Marbella is a paradise of small white houses and green sidewalks, a pattern that is repeated in the modern resorts and surrounding neighborhoods. The ground floor of these cotton-like buildings used to be employed by fishermen to keep their boats but today they house the most exclusive art-galleries, fine Spanish leather craft shops and first-class jeweler’s.

At Los Naranjos square, the whitewashed town-hall is surrounded by several times Michelin starred restaurants and a bunch of narrow streets -full of  flowers blossoming from wrought-iron balconies- and haute couture chic boutiques.

The Golden mile is where you should be if you don’t want to miss a touch of classy fussing and exuberant elegance. Remember the local taste for fusion.

NH Alanda is the cozy chilled out luxury where everything is refined and delightful but in a quite charming rhythm. It offers every facility expected in a luxury resort -designer swimming pool and spa, a beach club and different deli restaurants- but it’s not ostentatious.

Despite being in the very sumptuous Prince of Hohenlohe Boulevard, NH Alanda comfortable rooms and smiling staff will make you feel at home any time you come to Marbella.

Photo Credit: Christ Robertshaw




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