Meetings, nhow style

By Sergio González | 10:00

It should be mandatory for any meeting related with creativity, but everybody can seriously benefit from holding a meeting in a beautiful, wisely designed nhow meeting room. And you can also make them totally eco-friendly. Let’s find out what we are missing!

Launching a new product, holding a meeting for investors or showing everybody your latest creations are overwhelming experiences in need of professional assistance.

Gastronomy is totally covered by the catering service provided by NH Hotel Group, a chain with several Michelin-starred chefs, so nothing to worry about there. Every option and suggestion you may have in mind will also be welcome! 

We usually make tons of mistakes on our first presentations like using too many words instead of graphics or using a theatrical voice that no one can understand, not even the speaker. If you are not familiar with public speeches, ask for advice from our multilingual staff, who would love to share some tips and ideas with you and your team. 

nhow Berlin is all about music, technology and crazy big digital screens and sound systems that attract pop stars and TV networks to record here. Every new idea in the music industry has a place to show off at nhow Berlin. Jessie J or Shaggy have already recorded at nhow Berlin, but if you need some guidance, René Rennefeld will be there to guide you.

If you think about nhow Milan you think about fashion, but nhow brand is so tied to music that anything can happen; literally everything. The legendary Dire Straits chose nhow Milan to give an intimate concert that drove everybody crazy. Don’t miss the video below if you couldn’t make it; you’ll get to see as well the Dire Straits’ review on nhow Milan.

nhow Milan is really versatile because it homes many different meeting and show rooms. You may recognize some like The Tunnel from fashion magazine covers but, anyway, you’ll have trouble picking one meeting room amongst the Unconventional Spaces selection at nhow Milan. Use the planner helper to get started.

NH Hotel Group has been working for many years with clean hydro-energy plants in the Amazonian rainforest. Facilities run by local communities that provide green energy and a source of income that doesn’t mess with either the environment or their traditional life-style. If you want to help support these communities, you can purchase some clean air bonds after your meeting to turn it into an eco-meeting and level the impact to the environment.


As nhow hotels are something else, the meeting rooms at nhow Rotterdam designed by Rem Koolhas can’t be described with words, yet there we go. Creative and fully adaptable spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the best views over Erasmus Bridge and Rotterdam’s skyline.

Inspiring views, open spaces and state-of-the art catering service. Not enough? Let’s add the latest in video and sound systems to make your event also something unique. Even if you decide to invite 2,500 people we can help you. This is nhow and as long as it’s not against the law, we’ll do whatever it’s in order to make your event the event of the year. See you soon!



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