Milano, your next shopping getaway!

By Sergio González | 11:15

Via Montenapoleone, Milan’s Fashion Square

One of the best ways to keep our gears running is gifting ourselves a shopping day -it contains the power of one thousand hours of Thai massages- an escape from work responsabilities and the monotony of everyday life. If you upgrade it to a whole weekend in a shopping paradise where streets boil with alive trends and shop-windows are as fascinating as a Florentine canvas, you’ll come back home 10 times younger. If you choose Milan, you’ll leave 100 times more fab

Milan is very well connected to other European destinations and several low-cost airlines will get you there for a dime but it’s a rich city and good accommodation can be pricy. NH has just launched “400 ways to beat the winter” with amazing prices for all of us to enjoy the lap of the lavish lifestyle, so don’t doubt it and start planning the trip you deserve! 

Any shopping trip to Milan should start at Piazza il Duomo, Milan’s Cathedral square. From there, don’t worry about your tour. If you feel you might need it, get an app to guide you, but anywhere you land, would please you. Milan’s downtown is meant to be enjoyed walking but consider taking the tram, to have a cheap vintage tour across the city. 

On the right side of the cathedral, Vittorio Emmanuele II Galleries open up your fashion stay in Milan to a world of fine leather bags, silk suits and tailor made shoes for big spenders and eager shoppers.

People are extremely well dressed in Milan and -surely it will shock more than one- they won’t hesitate having a long stare at others’ outfits. What is regarded as offensive in other places is a veiled form of admiration here. Even letting out a quick wow!  is stylish and discreet in Milano. 

Stylish and dynamic, nhow Milano is where you want to stay on  your shopping getaway. The essence of fashion and design are found around every corner.  From top-interior design to edgy architecture –even lamps and bathtubs deserve a picture on your Instagram– and tailored music are the perfect conditions for fashion enthusiasts of all kinds to find  their safe nest.

Models, designers, journalists and photographers, both domestic and international will be your roomies. You can meet the people who make the fashion lights dazzle and shine in all of us. Needless to say, it’s compulsory for fashionistas, trend bloggers and some contact-making to experience the amazing environment of nhow Milan. It gives you the chance to feel an inner side of the fashion world that you may otherwise never see. 

Who wouldn’t feel glamorous having a drink in Nhow Milan chic bar?

After some shopping at Vittorio Emmanuele II Galleries, go across this centennial beacon of the massive Milan’s refinement to reach Piazza St. Margherita, where La Scala Opera House will be on your left

From then on, your shopping day faces a crossroad. If you, your feet or your credit card need a rest, keep going on to your left until you reach the amazing Sempione Park, a 19th century European classic public park with ponds, a library and an antique aquarium. You’ll go under Sforza Castle to reach the park, where you can see Michelangelo’s last sculpture and -please don’t tell professor Langdon- some of Da Vinci’s manuscripts.

If instead you chose to turn to your right, il Quadrilatero della Moda -Fashion Square- awaits you between Via della Spiga andVia Montenapoleone. There is a wide array of luxurious  boutiques, but a little less sumptuous for younger fashion addicts. Very chic and up-to-date bars, such as the famous D&G Gold Martini Bar (in Italian), can be the perfect break in this shopping area.

Did you just remember that it will soon be your niece’s birthday? She’ll turn 14, so forget to buy dolls and converting you into her  favorite aunt once again. Go to Brera Quarter and explore the edgier side of Milan’s fashion between Sempione Park and il Quadrilatero to get the vintage military jacket she’ll be thanking you for years. Well, at least until next season’s trend force the loved jacket into the bottom of her wardrobe.

Shopping done, you take the tram back to your hotel, now not because it’s vintage but comfortable, and you thank God you booked at nhow Milano, where they understand fashion as you do. There are pretty cool bars in the area full of beautiful people which may temp you explore the nightlife and go out for a drink. 

Photo Credit: Dimitri B

Photo Credit: NH Hoteles


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