Miniturize your world with tilt shift photography

By Sergio González | 12:14


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not only our perception of beauty may be changed and is subject to interpretation and influence, the eye, the position from which we observe, plays the same important role.

Tilt shift photography can be described as faking miniaturization because that’s mainly what it consists of. The photographer fakes reality, making it look smaller, minuature-size, as a Shuar shunkren head. Just as these people from the Amazon rainforest try to grasp the souls of the most brave warriors, tilt shift photography tries to capture our amazing and wide reality and put it in a bottle. As Disney’s Aladdin put it: phenomenal cosmic powers, yet a itty-bitty place to live.

The point of view from where to shoot is key for tilt shift photography and is crucial to set it right because there is only one single plane that can provide the sharp focus you’re looking for, though there are different angles available; best from above. For the tilt to work, first  the picture must capture and frame all the objects in the same plane. Then, once the lens is titlted, the plane of focus, the image plane and the lens plane move around an axis where all of them intersect, in a rotation motion known as the Scheimpflug Rule. 

Not only you’ll need to take into account focus manipulation, to create a perfect tilted photography able to depict a real pic of Times Square as if it were inside a snow globe, you’ll also need Photoshop or any other complete picture managing program. Though not the easiest task on Photoshop, check out the video tutorial  in this post to see a follow-trough.

If you’re feeling lazy or want your tilt photography the right way, don’t worry, there are people thinking of you and offering free online tools to get your photography tilted in 3 simple steps.If you’re tired of browsing, try a tilt shift photography app like this one.

Obviously open landscapes offer a perfect background for focus shifting, but check these 50 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-shifted Photography to start getting inspired.

At first, tilt photopraphy started as a shy movement, and it took some time for its flag-ship artists and users, Sports Illustrated or Pullitzer awarded Vincent Lorenzo, amongst the most famous ones, to get the audience engaged in its miniaturized world but as soon as it got trendy, it filtered to other forms of art expression. It didn’t take long before the video industry realized its potential and in 2006 we could see the first music video made out of tilt footing.

Tired of the same old photos shared by your Facebook friends? Start tilting their sphere with tilt shift photos of famous places and real miniature  photos to see if they can tell them apart. There’s one in this post, can you spot it? By the way, tilt shif photography works wonderfully under Instagram’s retro look. Try it! 


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