Modern living: innovative and fun furniture designs

By Sergio González | 16:03

When cardboard meets design brings fun furniture into life

Setting up a new apartment can be exhausting but also extremely fun, even more if you choose some of these innovative and fun furniture ideas. And just admit it, a shelf made out of concrete blocks and used timber is no furniture after you graduated.

You can opt for an intricate branch as the perfect base for a glass top table to add character to it, like Korean designer Chul An Kwak proposes, but it’s totally legit to make one on your own. You can set your good taste in style in stone by building up a table using a rock base instead.

The boldest designers are proposing actual trees for you living-room, but if that’s simply too much, have a look at these cute bonsai top tables before rolling your eyes.

And if you really want to blow your guests’ mind with the coolest and weirdest table ever, go for the Paint Drip Table by John Nouanesing.

Making your guest feel good at your place usually begins with a warm welcome and few things work better than a handshake. At least that’s what designers at Good Home Design thought when creating the Door Handle, an actual hand that works as a knob.

Star Wars fans have tons of pieces to wear their credit cards out but imagination is usually the only limit. Check out this incredible DIY light switch, that is ‘Luke’ when the light is on and ‘Vader’ when the darkness is coming. 

Cardboard is the last material you may think of for a sofa, yet when conveniently folded and wisely designed it not only becomes strong enough to accommodate everybody but its also the funniest furniture ever, like this creation by Sanchez Garrido Architects. Not DIY here and despite the cheap fabric, not really a bargain, but an absolute must if you want to be hip like no one else.

Bathrooms are very often casted out from designers’ brightest ideas, but not anymore. Where to keep toilet paper will no longer be a problem, and what is more, such lousy yet necessary items can become the central piece of your restroom if you treat those rolls as flowers hanging from a tree.

Design furniture finds inspiration in every little thing

Another fun design furniture company you should keep in mind is Straight Line Designs, though don’t get fooled by its name, its totally ironic. This Canadian company is everything but boring furniture. The Beaver chest of drawers is just a regular one which happened to be custom bitten by a beaver; not the most useful piece but absolutely mind blowing since its two parts are joined by an extremely thin point. On the same line of ‘broken furniture’, check out their Cracked Cabinet or the Crash Table.

They also have a pretty funny collection for kids inspired by Disney’s classic characters and many others that look born into life from cartoon movies. Perfect for your kids’ bedroom or for yourself if you decide that grown-up furniture is not an option.

Photo credit: Wicker Paradise

Photo credit: Steve Dinn


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