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Aren’t we all now?

No matter how cool and retro an old 8-tracks may be, you’d never take it with you on a trip; try to fit in your 55x40x22 cm hand luggage. We all travel free of heavy music players but with no worries since we know that we can access our music anywhere, anytime. At least wherever is free Wi-Fi. Another thing you won’t worry about if you stay with us because you always have free connection at every NH hotel, in your own room.

What kind of music fan are you? Do you carry your iPod or do you trust the online world to store your favorite music? Streaming services put all the music in the world a couple of clicks away, making it easier than ever, but are they here to stay?

YouTube is not only intended to listen to music but if we have a look at its top charts there’s no doubt that’s exactly what we’re doing. There are platforms run by music industry joint ventures such as vevo with the latest hits from the stardom but we also love listening to random ordinary people like us nailing Adele’s or Gotye’s hits. There are so many current artists that have began their careers uploading some videos to YouTube that these streaming success have set a pattern for show business, with followers like The Voice.

There’s an interesting free app you should download if you love music and keeping your device memory free for some pics or games; Music Tube. Based on YouTube, you can create playlists as well but also check out the top charts in any country or filter by genre.

What are your thoughts about online radio programs? On one hand it’s strange in these times to listen to what some other person plays but it’s perfect when you just need some music on the background or to get to know the latest hipster independent trend that is shaking the dance floor.

Spotify has been with us since 2008 and like many other Internet services, its origins were a humble start-up. Nowadays, more than 20 million people in Europe and the USA (the only places where it’s available) enjoy Spotify’s free service. It works as if you had the music in your hard disk, as songs are stored in the software cache to avoid wideband spoil, so it allows you to listen to music on demand.

If you are like us and want to have every little thing at your hand’s reach you can’t miss our Spotify channel. It’s eclectic and most useful to rediscover forgotten tunes from the 60’s or the 70’s, the classics with character we all love. 

One of our many playlists on Spotify!

Despite their success -or maybe out of it- these services get a lot of criticism from all ends. Artists complain they see no money at all, advertisers are worried about quality of videos and, how many times have you been disappointed as a video you were dying to see isn’t allowed in your country?

The 21st century world is a global village where we are all connected and more n’sync; we no longer think of foreigners but friends we still haven’t met. The Internet is the answer and the tool that makes it possible but streaming music services depend exclusively on the deals they can get with major record labels, which try to protect their regional interests.

We’re still navigating uneasy waters regarding music and the Internet. Some companies are eager to take the full potential out of it while others regard the sharing revolution as a threat to their legitimate interests. Who has chosen the right path? We still can’t tell but sooner or later we’ll find out. Meanwhile, please don’t stop the music!

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