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By Sergio González | 10:46
NH Porta Rossa

Yes, life is awesome: you can stay in this cool 12th century room with the best views over Florence

Novels and films have a lot to say in creating our wishlist of trips and journeys. Some crave to have a cupcake from that NY shop made by some trendy girlsand some others dream to ride a gondola like they did in classic Hollywood films. The boldest would even ride a camel through Central Asia because you know, The Silk Road. You won’t have to hop on the Orient Express to enjoy some magic when travelling if you choose NH Collection, the kind of hotels Agatha Christie would have stayed in; and she could actually have because some are true historic landmarks, several centuries old.

NH Collection is the dream come true for all those romantic lovers who are looking for an extra experience when touring around the world. Sure that staying in Venice is already awesome enough but you could book in NH Manin and sleep in a 17th century palazzo with a private dock and wonderful gondola service to drive you everywhere. That’s how you visit Venice and feel like the movie star you are.

No discerning traveler could ever leave Italy without visiting Tuscany, land of artists like Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo and powerful families like The Medicis or The Borgias. Adding up to its beautiful natural scenery, Tuscany is crowned with noble castles and marbled palaces where all the plots of stormy Italian history took place -the ones we can’t stop watching on TV shows. Instead of waiting several hours in line to peek at one of them you can stay with us in NH Porta Rossa in Florence, a hotel that was built in the 12th century; that means it was already old when all these guys were alive. That’s the NH Collection experience.

NH Gran Hotel Provincial

NH Gran Hotel Provincial: Argentina’s landmark in which you can stay

Buenos Aires is often called the Paris of the South because of its Haussmanian like architecture and rich culture life, but according to the latest data about theaters, cinemas, concerts, art exhibits and others, Buenos Aires is clearly one of the most vibrant cities in the world on its own terms. With a roof-top pool worth of a James Bond runaway scene, NH City & Tower is your art-deco accommodation in the heart of Buenos Aires.

Visiting Argentina is a good idea at any time but remember that from November till March, it’s summer there. Do as Argentineans do and book for some sea and sun days in Mar del Plata. The most famous silver port during the days of the Spanish colonial empire is also the chic beach resort in modern day Argentina, with a retro touch that will make you fall for it the minute you get there. Our accommodation in Mar del Plata is no less than the city’s landmark, NH Gran Hotel Provincial, a luxury complex by the sea designed by Alejandro Bustillo in 1946.

Boasting the character of time doesn’t mean NH Collection hotels are out of date in the facility department. They are completely renovated to fit our modern needs and wishes- free wi-fi everywhere, of course- but praying due respect to the original architecture at the same time; your experience will be both classy and extra comfortable.

These are just some hotels in Italy and Argentina which are part of the longer, exquisite NH Collection. These hotels are truly beautiful pieces of art and history so even if you don’t stay with us, it’s worth the visit and the pics. Ask politely to see the gardens and the awesome pools they boast. Don’t forget to share your photos and comments with all of us!

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