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By Sergio González | 10:47

NH Porta Rossa, the old new classy accommodation in Florence

NH Hoteles is known for having luxury accommodations in the most important cities centers, usually in modern glass and steel buildings, such as the  iconic nhow Berlin or NH Fiera in Milan. However, NH Hoteles boasts a collection of hotels that are completely unique and special. 

NH Collection is all about comfort but with a classy touch only the patina of time can achieve. NH Collection hotels are Renaissance palaces, old manors and even a convent over the Italian shore. A whole new dimension in holidays you should try at least once to find out how it feels to sleep in such breath-taking environments.

Today we have selected five NH Collection hotels in Italy and Spain; Spring may be running a little late this year so going South may be the wise choice if you want to taste a hint of summer.

Venice, the most unique city in the world, boasts the most unique accommodation too, NH Manin. The hotel occupies what once was the Sant’ Angelo Opera House, built in the 17th century. It’s a four-star accommodation, next to Rialto Bridge and with a private dock over the Grand Canal for you to leave and arrive in gondola if it please you. NH Manin rooms are totally restored respecting the original design and furniture that makes it the perfect match to the everlasting Venice, a truly timeless ambiance.

Tuscany is a destination that all travelers bear in mind and Florence the capital we can’t dare to miss. A marvel of Italian Renaissance, Florence’s best secret is not the bronze boar statue but NH Porta Rossa (‘red gate’ in Italian). NH Porta Rossa is a historical landmark in the oldest part of Florence, built in a 12th century building around Palazzo Bartolini and Mercato Nuovo (‘new market’), a few steps from Duomo and Palazzo Vechio.

The lavish yet charming NH Manin in Venice. NH Collection hotels at night look even better

When we started remodeling its 72 rooms, NH Porta Rossa revealed itself even more amazing than anticipated. As old the old painting was torn down, several Renaissance frescoes appeared in the white marble walls. We restored them proudly to offer you the chance to sleep under your own Sistine Chapel. To make your stay even cooler, ask for the Monalda Suite, built in an indoor tower of the same name, from 12th century as well, with the best views of Florence you can imagine. You’ll be a princess in a tower though this time you can leave whenever you want to have a delicious gelato or some fab shopping in downtown Florence.

One of the best things about NH Collection hotels is that the hotels speak for themselves. They are unique and no matter how beautifully simple they may look from the outside, once you are in, you know it’s where you belong.

NH Puerta de la Catedral (‘Cathedral Gates’) is one of these. Located in the very heart of Salamanca, a very important university city since the 13th century, NH Puerta de la Catedral is in front of the two city cathedrals, Anaya Palace and the best streets of Salamanca’s rich and noble history. Built from the traditional Villamayor Stone (the whole city resembles a yellow gem), NH Puerta de la Catedral boasts impeccable interiors, designed to blend modern and super-comfy furniture with the ancient structures of the building.

One of the many original ‘patios’ in NH Amistad Córdoba, Spain

Córdoba, Southern Spain, was the old capital of Almoravid Empire, a city that housed 500,000 inhabitants in a time when London or Paris barely touched 50,000. As a result, everything in Cordoba is imperial: The Mezquita (‘The Mosque’) with more than 1,000,000 visitors a year, Medina Azahara (the imperial palace) or the numerous Arabic Baths, whether they are converted into museums or still running, that can be found in Cordoba. 

Cordoba was known for being a cosmopolitan city, a beacon of freedom and culture in the Middle Ages, and besides these Muslim monuments, Romans’, Jewish’s and Catholic ones can be admired all along the city. NH Amistad is placed in an old synagogue from the 14th century, right in Cordoba’s old town; discover this legendary destination as it is meant to be, walking through the narrow streets of ‘La Judería’.

Photo credit: NH Hotels 


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