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By Courtney Imel | 10:24

Designer Karim Rashid

Have you ever wondered who are the masterminds behind some of our aesthetically pleasing interior designs? These unique creations are not only easy on the eyes, they are evidence of the creativity and hard work put into making your next stay with us unforgettable. Meet some of our very own NH designers! 

Karim Rashid 

Acclaimed New York designer Karim Rashid was chosen for the interior design of the nhow Berlin. His visionary style strikes a perfect chord with the building’s exterior, designed by star architect Sergei Tchoban – making the nhow Berlin one of the capital’s modern architectural and design highlights. 

He chose fresh colours, rounded forms and clear lines creating spaces that are much more than simply four walls and a ceiling. The design of the nhow Berlin is a manifestation of a philosophy that allows guests to step into another world for the duration of their stay. A trip to Berlin turns into a sojourn in a new dimension – a positive experience that elevates your stay.

Rashid’s designs didn’t stop there! He was also chosen to redesign the  nhow Milano bar where he collaborated with four design companies, that have already worked with the designer, to produce innovative and exclusive interior design objects and artworks.

Top names such as Vueve Clicot, 3M, Citibank, Hugo Boss or Audi have also trusted Karim to create designs for their brands and all sorts of sophisticated facilities and high-tech products. His works are included in 20 permanent collections and he exhibits art in galleries world wide. Pretty impressive, right? 

Luminous lobby at the NH Constanza, Barcelona

Rafael Moneo 

Award winning Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, known for the use of light in his building designs to create diaphanous spaces, was chosen to design the NH Constanza in Barcelona. Its characteristics include a lean, brightly-lit atmosphere, spacious rooms with interiors that include modern and contemporary art. You also won’t want to miss the incredible rooftop pool! 

NH Edition Shop by Juanjo Oliva

Paloma Cañizares & Juanjo Oliva

Interior designer Paloma Cañizareswinner of the 2012 Heineken Prize for New Values and Professor of the European Institute of Design was chosen  to accompany NH Hoteles and acclaimed Spanish fashion designer  Juanjo Oliva in an adventure to create a unique space to house the NH Edition Shop by Juanjo Oliva. Located for a limited time in the NH Costanza (Barcelona), it was actually NH Hoteles’ first pop-up shop ever! Amaya Arzuaga, Ana Locking, Jeff Bargues, La Bonne Etoile Natura Bissé…were just some of the designers and brands that included their accessories, perfumes, bags, candles, books, music and many other carefully selected items  in this unique shop.  

The pop-up shop is yet another evolution of the Folding Screen Shelves which Paloma Cañizares presented in 2009. The innovative system adapts to any need for organizing space quickly and can be taken down similarly. There were two basic factors when considering how to fit out the shop: how the product could be presented and the ease of assembly and removal to travel with it around the world. The versatility of this design adapted perfectly to the needs of this pop-up shop.  


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