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By Sergio González | 10:53
Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam boasts more canals than Venice

Living by the countryside is tender and beautiful yet sometimes lacks excitement and thrill. The real deal always happens in cities and NH Hoteles is in the very heart, ready to offer you the best places to stay and from where to start discovering your new destination.

Summer is finally coming and our desire to travel is more than ever; don’t miss the chance to visit the urban destination you’ve been willing to with our many special offers. There are special offers designed for every one of us.

2013 is going to be Amsterdam’s year. The capital of The Netherlands is celebrating many anniversaries and you shouldn’t miss it. Besides, in a country devoted to flowers, which best time to visit than right now, when the bloom is at its high peak.

This is the year when ‘Sunflowers’ painter would have turned 160 years and Van Gogh Museum -celebrating its own 40th anniversary– is bringing down the house.

Do you think you are talented? Wanna give it a try? Van Gogh Museum has an open contest to find out the best memories that have happened in its forty years of history.

Upload your photos or videos to share the special moments you lived here and for the chance to win several prizes, including a very special one for the ultimate winner: your piece of art exposed at the museum. Hurry up because they accept new memories only until October 31st.

Flemish paintings are always among the busiest rooms in any museum of the world and if you want to see the best of them all, don’t miss a visit to the renovated Rijksmuseum. $375 million and 10 years were needed to show 8,000 pieces of the finest art and finally on the 13th of April, the Queen Beatrix reopened it in one of her last official acts before abdicating in favor of her son William-Alexander, the first king of The Netherlands since 1890.

If you’ve already made up your mind about visiting the ‘Venice of the North’ this summer, celebrate Amsterdam’s year with us to get a 20% discount in your stay.

Madrid and Berlin always rank top at the European capitals we all want to visit but they so rich in arts, history and fun that just one visit won’t make it. Besides, they both are huge air hubs and you may find yourself in town more than once.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an express visit any time you land there. Just some tapas at fine ‘Mercado de San Miguel’ or a walk down the new Berlin should be appealing enough for you to leave the airport for some hours. And if your flight won’t leave until the following day, get this awesome NH express deal: a comfy bedroom, a fancy breakfast and free wi-fi for you to connect to whomever you like starting from 39€.

60's fashion in Florence

60’s fashion in Florence

Whether you’re thinking about a little white dress or ankle-strap sandals (make them metallic to pull off a colorful dress), why not go the designers way and buy the best fashion in Italy. Sales are about to start -from the first week of July- and Milan, Rome and Florence are bursting with eager buyers. 

Shop til’ you drop with ‘NH loves shopping – summer edition’. Save money on your accommodation (prices start at 59€) and stay close to the fashion quarters to get inspired and find the best deals. As always, remember to check out carefully every piece you’re interested in and don’t forget to make an appointment if you plan on hitting the high-end boutiques; the line waiting to get a Chanel piece of art can make Black Friday’s ones seem weak.

Photo credit: danielfoster437

Photo credit: Vintage Italy


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