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By Sergio González | 10:10

Back in 2008 NH Hoteles realized one simple fact: thanks to your trust along all these years, we were one of the most successful hotel chains and we should start paying back. When you take from the community, giving back is the right thing to do, isn’t it? The Lions King already taught us you’d better not break the circle of life.

One of the first things we set as a goal in our CSR Plan was shrinking our carbon footprint to the minimum we could possibly achieve and make NH known for its green hotels.

We decided to go along with the European Union environmental plan for 2020 and have our energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water usage and waste generation reduced by a 20%; but in four years instead of twelve. You got to aim high if you want to achieve great things, don’t you?

We put together some green initiatives and more than €10M for this ambitious environmental plan. We started talking to our employees to see if they wanted to participate. Their response was beyond imagining. Everybody in the NH family was really happy with the idea of making our hotels more and more efficient and respectful. It meant changing working habits and learning new ways, but the reward seemed to be worth it. Having green hotels everywhere began to look real.

However, the hardest obstacle was still to be beaten. None of these efforts would truly go through unless the millions of guests that decide to stay with us every year agreed to play along with our plans too.

We hung some posters asking you to be conscious of the water you use but we also installed water control devices. Our staff asked you not to have every light on all the time, but we had every light bulb shifted to the low-consume type. With a little from our side, your reaction guys was spectacular. The more green initiatives we were performing, the more committed you grew. This victory is clearly your victory too. 

You can start any joyful/happy dance you want because you’ve helped us save the Earth literally tons of pollution and waste. We said 20% was our goal, didn’t we? Well, pay attention to the figures because they are hard to believe

We’ve reduced energy consumption by 25.1%,  water usage by 30.5%, waste generation by 34.1% and CO2 emissions almost have been cut in half (44.2%). Everything in four years time. Spectacular. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible. You rock, guys!

But, hey, why stop here? You can cut your emissions, but you could also be producing clean green energy and deal with the root of the problem. That’s how eco-meetings were born

Many NH Hoteles are located in the best venues of the most important cities of Europe and America, and are well known among business travelers and event planners, what is great but generates lost of pollution as well.

We offered them the chance to make their meetings absolutely green by compensating the pollution generated during their events. Then again, the commitment shown was overwhelming and soon we had to ask for our hydro-plant partner in Brazil to produce more clean energy to attend the warm response.

Our efforts have been noticed and we are still overcome by the awards, ISO certificates and general welcoming we are having. If our CSR plans were a movie, we could say it was acclaimed by critic and audience. 

However, the circle of life is still on and we aren’t going to slow it down. Our plans for the future are already here and we are working in every aspect of CSR but with one simple goal: to improve your NH experience. Hey, there’s no need to hide it: we are a hotel chain and we love it when you have a great time staying with us.

You can see and download the full 2012 CSR Report here.

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