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By Courtney Imel | 13:32

Jovanotti, Italian singer-songwriter with NH Milano Touring staff!

What would our lives be without music? At NH Hoteles we truly believe that the music can do wonders to boost your mood, bring back fond memories or better yet, it can even elevate your experience. Did you know that we actually have a hotel that is solely dedicated to music and allows you to experience the soul of music in the right heart of Berlin? Today we look back at our most unique and best kept music secrets that have taken place at some our hotels around the world! 

Are you on the guest list? 

For an outsider, the life of a musician on tour may seem like it’s filled with glitz, glam and endless partying. However, at the end of the day many musicians may just need a comfortable and quiet place to find a piece of mind. The guest list at the NH Santo Stefano is very impressive, including the renowned violinist Uto Ughi, the famous pianist Giovanni Allevi, Japanese orchestra conductor Yakuta Sado, Eric Clapton and Patti Smith, just to name a few! Jovanotti, the Italian singer-songwriter and rapper chooses the NH Milano Touring while visting the fashion capital of the world. Keep an eye out for a star sighting the next time you visit any one of these hotels!  

Lights, camera, action! 

Sometimes music videos can touch light on the meaning of a song, and even better when our very own NH Hoteles are used as the backdrop. Italian pop artist Ragazzo Semplice chose the incredible rooftop views of the NH Milano Touring for shooting his upbeat and fun music video for the hit Po Pop.  The multi-genre singer, composer and musician Pino Daniele also chose the stunning panoramic rooftop views at the NH Ambassador Napoli to shoot the video clip for his hit song Amena E Core

nhow Berlin, where music lives! 

The nhow Berlin is more than just a hotel, it lives and breathes the offbeat, lively, and dynamic worldwide appeal of music and includes two state of the art professional recording studios. For those who are so inspired by nhow Berlin and the city that they want to write their songs straight away can order a guitar in their rooms from room service. How cool is that? 

Those feeling inspired to create their own hits, can experience their next shot of fame with their very own lavish audience consisting of hotel guests,  locals and music fans every first Saturday of the month at Envy Bar which converts into an open mic platform for new musical talent and creative souls.

Guitar room service at nhow Berlin

Guests in the mood for kicking back and listening to music, rather than creating it, can chill out in the nhow complex which offers a music lounge with an integrated music experience area alongside a vibrant neon colored juke box. It’s equipped with the latest multimedia equipment and is ideal for any kind of creative or listening session. Guests can also enjoy their favorite background music without even leaving their room with access to 100 stations and very own iPod docks. 

The “Dynamic Space” interior design concept is completely reflected in the nhow Berlin gallery, where art is innovatively staged. 
Be it photography, painting, sculpture, design objects or multimedia installations, collaborations with various gallerists and artists make it possible for nhow Berlin to showcase the many different facets of art. 

Last fall the gallery showcased the exhibition A-Wop-Bop-a-Loo-Bop-A-Lop-Bam-Boo which took a trip through 6 decades of Rock n’Roll with photo portraits of legendary artists such as a black and white Keith Richards caught deep in thought by Sante D’Orazio, Lenny Kravitz and his flying dread locks live on stage by Michael Heeg and Roger Dawltrey from The Who in all of his glory by Amalie Rothschild. From Memphis and Graceland to London and New York, this enduring photography exhibition proved that almost 6 decades have passed, leaving behind a handful of unforgettable rock legends which can be captured on the tour bus, backstage or in the spotlight. 

Spanish flavor! 

In Spain we focus on music. Many Spanish artists and musicians have also chosen many NH Hoteles to present their records, conduct interviews, concerts and even as a backdrop to shoot their music video clips! 

Given the established historic roots of Flamenco music, the focus is generally in this genre. This last 22 of February the flamenco guitar chords of  Oscar Herrero stunned concert goers at Hesperia Bilbao. And the Flamenco notes will continue to ring in Bilbao on April 5, where Jerez singer Fernando de la Morena and his group, will  perform at the NH Villa de Bilbao. This concert  round will keep delighting concert goers from April 19th to June 21st at the Hesperia Bilbao and on September 11th and 13 at the NH Villa de Bilbao. This is a Flamenco concert series which runs throughout the year with singers with the best voices and Regina guitar sounds from the master Cortés. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of kept music secrets that have taken place at some our hotels around the world! Could you live without music? 


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