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By Sergio González | 13:16

Location, location and location is the ubiquitous real estate saying that reminds us that the positioning of your venue goes beyond a Foursquare update. At our exclusive nhow hotels you can experience art and design in your very own room but today we want to share with you two very special NH Hotels that are so close to galleries and museums you can actually breathe in all of the art’s magic from inside your room. Cultural tourism, here we go!

Several major cool sports events in the recent years have put Valencia on the map for international tourists, but Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Science) is the geeky complex that has attracted more than 50 million people since its opening in 1998. 

If you are not on that list, you are missing the largest oceangraphic in Europe, the chance to understand how everything works at the Principe Felipe Science Museum or L’Hemisferic -a planetarium, an IMAX Cinema and a Laserium with laser light shows. 

This complex crowns a whole futuristic neighborhood similar to the kind one would expect to find in Dubai or coastal China. High skyscrapers designed in gravity-challenging shapes, open boulevards with chic bars and restaurants where you can have a bite or a drink at any time of the day or night. Besides, the old riverbed of Turia River is now a huge public park with tons of sports facilities and beautiful promenades. A great place to leave the city’s pressure behind!

NH Las Artes is the best accommodation to enjoy the new Valencia, whether you want to go to the City of Arts and Science, do some business, or just sunbath on any of its warm sandy beaches. But there’s much more to do around the city because NH Las Artes is also next to the America’s Cup marina and the El Saler up-scale mall. Obviously, it’s the right place to enjoy the best paella ever.

NH Las Artes is a newly-built hotel designed to live up to the highest standards of comfort; bright, large rooms and king-size beds. You  won’t want to miss the terrace with panoramic views over the gorgeous buildings in the City of Arts and Science complex and 300 sunny days per year are also to blame for an enjoyable stay. 

Few other cities have such a special and close relationship with theirs museums. Bilbao, also in Spain, is an industrial giant: in fact, being covered by thick smog was its most famous feature all throughout the 20th century. If you wanted to visit the Basque Country you would have an easy choice –the beautiful and chic city of San Sebastian– but nowadays things aren’t so black and white, since the construction of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. This impressive building was inaugurated by King Juan Carlos I of Spain in 1997. 21st century travelers can’t help feeling attracted to Frank Gehry’s titanium masterpiece. His building is considered one of the most important works of the late 20th century according to World Architecture Survey

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has been depicted in many Hollywood blockbusters and it’s not unusual to find international celebrities admiring the same paintings as you. All this attention makes it Bilba0’s most popular landmark and the neighborhood where it’s located is a cosmopolite lively joint where artists, locals, tourists and business people meet up to enjoy some tapas, drinks or dig into the famous Basque cuisine. There are also several Michelin-star restaurants near Bilbao and San Sebastian you should help yourself to. 

This fuss and prosperity around the museum what Spaniards call the Guggenheim effect and we aren’t shy to admit we have succumbed to its powerful touch of fresh modernity. Hesperia Bilbao is the new hotel we have built in Bilbao’s best shopping area, just opposite the museum. Its avant-garde design and colorful facade are our small tribute to Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and our guests’ comfort! 

Which is your favourite museum? 



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