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By Sergio González | 10:52

Enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife with NH because you can check out up to 5 pm on Sundays

Planning our family holidays or a gateway with friends is a fine task, where tons of things must be taken into account and sometimes your plans don’t go along as they should. A beginner’s mistake when planning to stay in London is to choose accommodation out of town, believing it will turn out to be cheaper than staying in London center, to realize once you get there that a single trip in London subway starts at £4.

If you want to truly experience a city, not just to take the same photos as everybody, you have to stay downtown where the reasons why you chose that place are going on. This is what NH hotels offer because we are at the best locations in worldwide cities. If you stay with us, you won’t get stressed getting here and there because you’ll simply be where you wanted to be on the first place.

Another awful surprise that shocks us once we are back home is the unwanted telephone bill. We love our smartphones, we wouldn’t dare live without them and we consider them so useful we book and purchase more and more through our mobiles (currently, 22% of travel bookings in the USA are through mobile devices). However, roaming services that allow our fellows to work abroad are not n’sync with our desire and connecting half an hour a day when you are having a coffee-rest from city sightseeing is simply unacceptable.

NH Hotels is the only hotel chain in the world to offer free WI-FI everytime everywhere because that’s what all is about, isn’t it? Forget going to the hotel lobby to WhatsApp your friends, post pictures of your king-size bed on Facebook so they see what they are missing!

There is another debate that usually arises when planning a trip with some friends and this time it turns around the quality of accommodation. Most of us only have one or two free weeks a year to enjoy a dream, to spend some time away from everyday problems and responsibilities. Do we really want to jeopardize it? Besides, we work hard all the year round and we deserve it. We deserve sleeping in the best bed, swimming in the coolest swimming-pool or have a one-thousand-mmm breakfast in a terrace over the sea. We’ve earned it. And room service too.

A good night sleep can relax us more than anything else in life delivering our worries to Morpheus and leaving behind nothing but peace of mind, yet too many times check-out times are outrageously early in the morning; like, hey, I’m on vacation. Got it?

Besides, if you are a young traveler, all odds are you’ll like exploring city’s nightlife partying till you drop. And anyway, who doesn’t enjoy a good dinner out and a drink at a cool bar? Late check-out is among the best services to be found at hotels, that’s the time when you start feeling at home. At NH Hotels you can stay up to 5 pm on Sundays. Party much?

A massage with aromatherapy, relaxing music and spending some time chilling in a hot-tub are treats we should have more often. They help you remind life is a beautiful place so consider booking this year at some place with an SPA. Choose among the many state-of-the-art SPAs NH hotels boasts to wake up to a beautiful warm summer morning and enjoy a delicious breakfast over the sea while you decide your next SPA menu. Don’t you get relaxed just by dreaming about it?

Photo credit: Jeff-Mika

Photo credit: NH Hotels


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