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By Courtney Imel | 10:15

Gibson guitarGuitar room service? You heard right! At nhow Berlin you can get a Gibson guitar or an electrical keyboard delivered to your room with a quick call to room service.  This is just one of the many unique offerings that affirm that this is a place where music lives. Music is an inseparable and key part of the nhow experience and for that reason it is actually the only hotel in Europe that has two state of the art professional music recording studios. Run by René Rennefeld, who also manages Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studios, along with Daniel Schmuck, the studios have been offering a full range of recording services since March 2011. The famed artists N.E.R.D., Erykah Badu, Kool Savas, Jennifer Rostock, Jessie J, Skylar Grey, Culcha Candela, Rea Garvey and many others have recorded at nhow Studios! If your feeling inspired to create your own hits, your very own lavish audience consisting of hotel guests,  locals and music fans will be awaiting you every first Saturday of the month at Envy Bar which converts into an open mic platform for new musical talent and creative souls. 

If you prefer just kicking back and listening to music, rather than creating it, you will love chilling out in the nhow complex which offers a music lounge with an integrated music experience area alongside a vibrant neon colored juke box. It’s equipped with the latest multimedia equipment and is ideal for any kind of creative or listening session. Guests can also enjoy their favorite background music without even leaving their room with access to 100 stations and very own iPod docks. 

nhow recording studio

State-of-the-art recording studio at nhow Berlin

Located on the banks of the Spree River in between Universal and MTV right in heart of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, the building’s austere design was the work of the brilliant architect Sergei Tchoban. The concept was derived from integrating the local industrializad surrounding architecture with the modern and conventional construction that had been popping up around Berlin in the recent years. The shape of the building depicts two towers with irregular clinker facades which incorporate elements of the adjacent, still-standing old warehouse building. The Upper Tower in the middle which houses the 8th, 9th and 10th floors, seems to elegantly float 36 meters above the Spree River

The interior “Pop Art” design is the mastermind of the famed New York designer Karim Rashid. By just entering the lobby you will get lost among an array of bubbly and bright  fresh colored rounded forms and clear lines which create spaces that are much more appealing than a simple four walls and a ceiling. The exaggerated, playful and exuberant designs of Rashid are meant to allow the beholder to enter another world for the duration of their stay while acting as a backdrop for creative inspiration. When designing the nhow, he was constantly reminded of the essence of Berlin as a city, music and rhythm. He claims:

“Berlin embodies the spirit of the underground, the dark school of electronic music, the harsh yet intellectual environment, the massiveness, and the desirous need for artistic pursuit. Music is immaterial design. I often listen to music while I’m working. If I’m not designing and listening to my iPod on a plane -or olive opus in the office- then the satellite radio is always on in my studio. Music affords me to concentrate, be inspired, dream, imagine, and become completely engrossed in what I am working on. It is an essential part of my being.” 

nhow lobby designed by Karim Rashid

nhow Berlin lobby designed by Karim Rashid

Lively, offbeat, and dynamic are the attributes that personify the spirit of  the nhow Berlin surroundings. Whether you are a jet-setter, cosmopolitan, or business traveler you will quickly come to realize that the nhow Berlin is not just a hotel but a dramatic, multi-sensory experience. Are you ready to elevate your stay? 



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