nhow experiences that will make you feel alive!

By Sergio González | 10:21

nhow doesn’t catch up with avant-garde. It is the cutting-edge that helps define a new attitude in life. No more waiting and living second-hand.

nhow hotels aren’t here to follow trends. People who work and stay with us are real trend-setters because they are passionate and believe in what they do. And truth be told, we are very happy and thankful about it because that’s the nhow goal, that everybody lives unforgettable experiences. We put the means but you guys bring the talent and good vibes each and every time!

Beds are extra comfy, wi-fi is free as always and you won’t mind waking up so you can have the greatest and healthiest anti-ox breakfast, but that’s not why you stay at a nhow. Ever been to a hotel where staff was dressed by Replay every season or where a concert by an international DJ could pop out any night?

nhow hotels have three iconic locations: Milan, Berlin and Rotterdam, and they truly in line with these cities’ spirit.

Milan is glamour, a style to kill for and endless inspiration in the form of Renaissance art and haute couture fashion. Enjoy every event and exhibit going on at nhow Milan, but make sure you don’t miss Marco Iannicelli’s work with LED lights and pruned tree branches. If you are into painting, Alessandra Bruno’s watercolours “suggesting the desire to meet arising from traveling” is one of the most admired exhibits in Milano currently.

Berlin is the punk daughter of Europe, rebel and fresh, with a new way of doing things that has everybody falling in love with her. It has one of the tightest green policies in the world, but it’s completely open-minded for many traditional issues. Art inspired directly in freedom and Berlin is living a 21st century Enlightenment. Now it’s not Mozart playing Baroque music for some German princess, but Jessie J, Skylar Grey or Kool Savas recording at nhow Berlin studios; while you have a drink or are so carried away by it that you can’t even sip it. We promise you’ll be in the middle of what’s really hot in this city.

Rotterdam is the newest jewel of the nhow crown, and the hardest to grasp. Its location in the middle of the harbour means every influence can be found in our nhow Rotterdam: from not-so-blunt sailors to the tallest fashion girls, everybody has a place at nhow Rotterdam.

NH Hotels is known for its meeting rooms, but when your stay is elevated at nhows, your meetings might as well touch the skies, almost literally. OMA Rem Koolhas designed 3, 40 meter ceilings for nhow Rotterdam meeting rooms, which are also flexible and able to fit small groups in cozy rooms or large gatherings in spectacular ones. How big you want your event to be is your call!

nhow meeting rooms are as cool as you’d expect from a design hotel with a unique sense of style, a soul of its own if you may. Just imagine how cool your pics will look with such a background. Your social media will burst and your wanderlust will be happier than ever!


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