Oh no, I didn’t Instagram my dinner!

By Sergio González | 11:19

Restaurant Cómodo’s genius Intagram menu idea is spreading

Yes, you didn’t. Well, it’s not a big deal you tell yourself, everybody knows how food looks so it doesn’t really matter. Well, according to a recent study published by University of Minnesota and Harvard Business School, Intagramming your food can make it taste better. Let’s all get #food!

The paper says that ‘rituals enhance the joys of consumption’. It’s the same sweet anxiety you get while dressing up for a night out or when you discover a sale that makes you dream with traveling

But we could read between the pixels and put it this way: chefs and gourmets tell us that food is meant to be enjoyed with the five senses, but we all know there is a sixth one, and it’s sharing your food with your friends and followers.

The Instagramania doesn’t mean just lovely but non edible pictures of worldwide dinners and cupcakes; in New York they’ve come up with The Instagram Menu. Opening a restaurant in NY City is a hard task and trying to be different among 10,000 competitors with no budget for promotion is much harder. That’s when understanding social media and a well-put campaign work their combined magic.  

Restaurant Cómodo used Instagram users’ photos to create the menu and invited everybody to post their pics and browse for inspiration. The hashtag #comodomenu went viral and was showed many times on national American television. Worldwide imitators honor Cómodo’s great idea since then. 

Shooting and taggin #food is just another part of having a meal

Instagramming or tweeting our meals has become so trendy that to be trendy you can’t do it anymore. The Internet is full of meme mocking photo-loving foodies and restaurants worldwide are simply placing a ban sign. We should all show some respect because as cool or boring as you want it to be, Instagraming our food is deeply connected to our most basic-selves.

We share pictures of our food because we are inviting people to the table, ‘the space in which our nature as social animals is fully disclosed’ (The Table Comes First, by Adam Gopnik). Sharing meals creates bonds and good will, something business men and women have known for ages.

Socializing through food is older than language and such a primal behavior animals do it as well, predators above all.

If you notice, there’s no single celebration in the world that doesn’t involve sharing food and drinks, so next time somebody tells you to cut it out, you can rub it in their face that it’s not a shallow Internet trend but a human inspiring need. 

 How about you? Do you Instragram your favourite meals? 

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