On a budget? Up-scale your holidays!

By Sergio González | 10:00
Venice, Itlay

Survive the overwhelming, and accordingly expensive, Venice staying with us

Don’t break the bank! Being on a restricted budget doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy what a city has to offer, even the coolest things.

Traveling is one of the best things  you can do for yourself, the best treat for your spirit and the inner cosmopolitan you. You already know this; who doesn’t like getting here and there and learning and enjoying what our beautiful planet has to offer?

When we can’t travel it’s because we don’t have either enough money or time, not because we don’t feel like doing it, again and again. In our quest to bring you closer to the best urban destinations this 2013 summer, you’ll only have to decide when and where, because affordable holidays in up-scale accommodations is our mission, and we’ve humbly accomplished it.

Venice always ranks within the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. Let’s face it -we all want to be there- and maintaining such a spectacular and historic place is very expensive. Venice has been losing population due to the fact that you must repair the buildings you buy with techniques and standards of the time the building was first built. Keeping up a palace is simply not for every household.

However, if you google a little bit about Venice you’ll realize it is an island, connected to Italian mainland by highway and train, but obviously also by boat. Driving is ok but when in Venice, do as Venetians.

NH Hoteles boasts with an impressive modern hotel in Venice Mestre (mainland) just a few minutes from Piazza di San Marcos traveling by boat -you can catch any of the taxi boats ones that are in the hotel’s marina or moor your own- though we doubt you want the trip to end. The most amazing views in the world are waiting for you, just around the wave.

NH Laguna Palace consists of two buildings separated by the marina but joined by a flat glass roof, making it one of the largest covered buildings in Europe and so easy on the eye, and the wallet. Holidays in a cool designer’s environment that include, as always, breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Save your money to get a ride on a gondola; expensive, but i’s worth it. You’ll feel like a celebrity!

Galerie Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

It’s always a good idea to allow yourself to enjoy Italy, especially during spring time. Mother Nature’s work is blooming everywhere and the mild tender sun heats the Mediterranean shore to perfection. However, you may want to plan your trip for the next weeks because summer sales are about to happen and you don’t want to miss out. 

A pair of fine Prada boots or an Armani suit are classic pieces that we all aspire to pull of at some point in our life; they are timeless, and the most elegant approach to art. The first week of July is the right time to grab your friends and treat yourselves a fashion gateway to Milano.

If you plan your shopping carefully -avoid touristic Florence or Pisa and allow time for seek & hunting– you may find yourself ordering some caviar at D&G Gold Restaurant in your new Cavalli jeans without any crying-over-credit-card-movements back at a fancy hotel room. There’s no better time than now so get to Milano with NH Hoteles! 

Where will you be going this summer? 

Photo credit: Ron Layters

Photo credit: Jean Christophe BENOIT


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