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By Sergio González | 11:39


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New photography trends are trying to tell us digital stories involving ourselves

As our world gets more and more virtual, photography experts worldwide are pointing out the changes the digital era is bringing to photography as an artistic representation of reality, trying to grasp the vast ocean of possibilities technology is opening.

Some claim that since it’s no longer needed to shoot every part of the picture at the same time it lacks the real flavor but other visual artists see the new crossing and mixing technologies as challenging and thrilling and are willing to reshape not only photography but the world itself.

Traditionally, you would try to reduce movement in a picture to zero by shifting exposure times, but thanks to the Internet, these days we live fast and in ceaseless motion so we are looking for photos able to tell us something beyond the feelings they might produce  just by glancing at them.

I think photographers have to break free from the Guttemberg’s galaxy of printed media and produce cross media on the online world, Thomas Gerwers editor-in-chief of Profifoto. Photographers should open to these opportunities in these new business areas.

Digital storytelling, telling the world something about us in a short digital film,  is based on some recent discoveries of how our image perception works and what messages can be sent along them. 

A visual message reaches us after five seconds looking at it and, according to photographer Uli Dinger, it doesn’t need the course of events due in a film, which is an interesting additional asset. Daniel Meadows, one of the leading figures of digital storytelling and photo innovation calls them short, personal multidemia tales told from the heart.

So, soon we are going to see moving images, not films, greeting us from a postcard or telling us a little story from a leaflet? Surely the advertising industry is taking note of these new photography trends but in photography you can never know what people might like. Why suddenly digital photography becomes hasty by the will of Instagram (get here a free programe to Polaroid your pics) or why some people will always prefer the feeling of a printed version photo are mysteries yet to be solved while the photo printing innovation continues.

Polaroid photo in the sand

Photo printing innovation is always looking for retro help from the past

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines innovation as the introduction of something new, a new idea, method or device. What about 3D printing? Is it revolutionary enough? Internet has made us forget about going shopping and allow us to buy every little thing from home. 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is going to reduce delivering time to minutes.

Building up objects by placing successive layers instead of cutting or shaping them out of a piece of material is already a new photography trend, where digital prototypes become real before designers’s eyes, but still is not affordable for the great public. But don’t get discouraged you photo-innovation lovers because each day is getting cheaper and more sophisticated.

Currently, there are several 3D printers available  but, even though designed for home use, they usually contain a hefty price tag and are  intended for architects and designers, not for general consumers. We may still have to wait a decade or two to see these photo innovations become real but it’s surely worth it if  it allow ourselves to just download a new pair of shoes or a lamp from an online shop to use them right-away.

Photo credit: Curzio Campodimaggio

Photo credit: analogophile


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