Portable tropical paradises

By Sergio González | 10:53


Some fights will surely arise over who sleeps in the superyacht basement with these killer views

Yes, you read right, today we’re talking about portable custom-made paradises. But forget about plastic air beds with a palm on top of it because it’s all about luxury artificial Edens.

Tourism hasn’t stopped growing since the industrial revolution saw the first workers take the novelty of trains to enjoy a leisure day swimming in the Romantic English shores. Since then, prices of land and real state by the coast rise every year on every single beach, cliff with amazing views or tropical paradise of our planet.

Provided that  71% percent of Earth’s surface is water and beach holidays keep on being the largest trend in tourism, it seems right to look for alternative exciting ways to live our tropical paradise vacation.

It looks like the chorus of sci-fi blockbusters that are invading our theaters in the last recent years is inspiring some bold engineers to create superyachts or mini islands, as you prefer it.

Of course, all this creations are designed taking care of every possible detail from Swiss clockwork precision machinery to the most polished surface and entertainment on board.

The private versions –like this one projected by Puzzolante– include thin solar cells to fuel your island and tons of windows to catch all the views, even the underwater ones. Just like those special boats with crystal bellies that allow people on-board to witness the wonderful world under the sea, but you’ll have your own bed over the coral reef.

Want to have a barbecue with friends in the middle of the ocean or sleep with dolphins? Starting at $1,800.000, this portable tropical paradise can be yours.

As you can imagine, this is not a gadget for every purse, but if you know where your wealthy consumers are and what they fancy, you can provide them. At least this is what they have been thinking lately in Yacht Island Design, a British company that is getting Oriental Chuan -based on the traditional Chinese ships- and Eastern Promise; imagine a floating Aladdin’s Palace of Agrabah for loaded sheiks.

Wouldn't it be cool to enjoya tropical paradise like this anywhere?

For a more cosmopolitan liking, they have created a complete Tropical Island Paradise on the top of a yacht. The deck is occupied by a round swimming pool recreating a Haitian blue lagoon surrounded by a Waikiki style village, palm tress and even a sandy beach. As if it weren’t enough, there’s a volcano and a water fall feeding the pool!

Expect all the comfort dued in a luxury yacht but enhanced with larger cabins, terraces and jet-skies and kayaks to fully enjoy your luxury sailing experience in your own tropical paradise.

If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain. As little cupboard Paris or Venice were built in Las Vegas to skip crossing the pond, a flashing floatable version fo The Streets of Monaco is expected to be sailing soon the Seven Seas. And, of course, it has a copy of Montercalo Casino.

We’ll have to wait some years before we can enjoy our own tropical paradise but the future is running to meet present day faster than expected. As one of this eco-friendly islands manufacturers motto says “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

Photo Credit: simonglucas

Photo Credit: USFWS Pacific


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