Recycled art can give stuff a second chance

By Sergio González | 10:04

Waste is beautiful: recycled art by Kyle Bean

In the beginning, recycling was only something a few of us would do, but nowadays no one can possibly deny the need to take part. Among us, there are people who do more than putting every kind of waste where it belongs. They give the old I-don’t-like-you-anymore objects a second chance; and we are so grateful for their awesome work that we decide to call it recycled art.

Here you are in you thirties, remembering the good old times and tricking your mind again into thinking the 90s where ten years ago. There you are, with a bunch of things you keep stored away without realizing they can become awesome new pieces, totally useful for grown-up life. Check the coolest ideas here to turn your old skateboard into party seats or the old Mac into Whiskers’ new fav home. 

Recycled art is no stranger to trends and after the time when vinyl-ing your walls was something, now you gotta do it with old wires and tapes. Video game controllers in the shape of Mario Bros. characters are actually pretty sweet. The next step, not so DIY, is cassette art: a tape is worked into the shape of a band or whatever you please. Way cool and beautiful, unless you do it with a true cassette. Vintage is not waste and shouldn’t be recycled if that means destroying it; one’s supposed to restore vintage objects.

If you have cassettes, you have CDs and spindles; they could be your new bagel-holder. It’s perfect whether you keep it into the realms of minimalism as a food container or you work your DIY way to make unbelievingly useful recycled objects.

Keep in mind that recycling means exactly the opposite of wasting. No matter how lovely a lamp made of jars may look, it’s deceiving you; buying new stuff to recycling makes no sense.

Same goes for making holes into thick books to grow some aloe vera. If you don’t want to have a book anymore, donate it; there are millions of people who can’t buy a book. Get some real recycled pot ideas; wasted cookware and old boots or even furniture work nicely. 

At first it was the Age of Stone, as The Flintstones taught us, but nowadays we should call it the Age of Pallet. Nothing is cheaper and more adaptable to our needs. Before disregarding this humble wood, learn how beautiful pallets can blossom after meeting some colorful make-up and a classy piece of glass on. Beauty and Functionality married by a pallet -way more DIY than IKEA though.

recycled objects are simple and down to earth

Adding some blunt I’m-a-senior-and-I-know-it furniture to any room is always a good idea, and restoring a still-don’t-know-it piece is a good Saturday morning to share with anyone around.

Wardrobes and cabinets are good for beginners but the limits are none. Wooden furniture is extremely DIY-friendly and they admit every change, modification, update and change of color you can imagine for them. Once you’ve finished one of this and Instagrammed your heart out of it, you can go pick thousands of tiny pieces of plastic, from tennis balls to bottles everything is allowed. You could find a cool name for it and try convince some big name it’s art. Good luck! 

Photo credit: Kyle Bean

Photo Credit: molotok

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