Rio 2016: A first peek into the next Olympiads

By Sergio González | 11:16


City view from Sugarloaf

The Olympic heat is on. London is currently bursting with millions of sports fans and onlookers but since we like to keep you ahead, we will share the first sketches of the next olympic meeting.

For the first time in their history -the modern ones starting in Athens in 1896- Summer Olympics will take place in South America, in Rio de Janeiro – January River, as the Portuguese arrived Guanabara Bay in January 1st, 1502. The most vibrant and colorfull city of Brazil was chosen in Copenhagen in 2009.

Since it will be taking place from August 5th  to the 21st  in 2016, they are the first Olympiads to be held during winter -as the cold season finishes September 20th in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rio has always flawlessly depicted the paradigm of compolitanism -the leitmotif of every Olympic Game. People from all over the world have been choosing the Marvellous City since its very foundation -Brazil hosts the largest Japanese community outside the Rising Sun. And the wave is still flowing due to high economic growth and gentle lifestyle.

The city infrastructure is growing by leaps and bounds. Brazil is investing in mass transportation and new venues to round the existing ones –like the mythical Maracaná Stadium. The country is also hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so the new constructions -despite the huge investment- may be paid off. Actually, due to XXV Panamerican Games in 2007, only 26% of the buildings will be original.

Most venues will be in Tijuca Quarterthe Upper East Side of Rio, known as Barra amongst locals. The neighbourhood is famous for housing celebrities and soccer players -the real pop icons in Brazil- and for its beaches and lakes. Basketball, boxing, handball, hockey or tennis will be played here in Rio Olympic Park and RioCentro.

Maracaná Stadium. Panamerican Games Opening in 2007

The Olympic Village will be in Barra as well, given that it is the safest ground in the city. Designed by AECOM, it is intended to grasp Brazil’s overwhleming flora and fauna, mingling with the Rio landscape.

Securing the safe development of any major event is a big issue and, sadly, Brazil has a lot of work ahead. Please, be sure to double check with your embassy about do’s and dont’s (U.S. Deparment of StateUK Foreign Office).

Athletics and archery competition will be held in a renewed Sambódromo -where every February the Carnival parade amazes the world– and in a enlarged Havelange Stadium. Deodoro zone, in the inner part of the city, will host equestrian sports, swimming and fencing -these venues are to remain a parmanent legacy after the 2016 meeting as an area for elite sports. Mountain and BMX cycling will take advantage of nearby hills to lay an astonishing track.

The worldwide known beach of Copacabana and its surroundings have been chosen for rowing and other sailing sports. The views are going to be amazing -then again, the routes and paths have been drawn to cross rainforest parks and heavenly beaches. As you might expect, beach volleyball will be played in Copacabana Stadium – a temporary building on the very beach.

These Olympiads are meant to be the most visited ones. To avoid previous problems –we are seeing empty seats in London everyday– and to ease access for everybody, Rio Olympic Committee has decided to launch 2 million tickets under 20$. If, nevertheless, you feel you have to be there but don’t have the money, try volunteering. And remember to Viva sua paixão -live your passion- the Rio 2016 motto.

Photo Credit: Jorge BRAZIL


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