Romantic Netherlands

By Sergio González | 10:30

Dutch windmills

Whether out of colourful country scenery blooming with tulips in all the rainbow range, those cute wind-mills or the fact that thousands of canals water an ever-green land, the Netherlands are terribly romantic. Add cheese and wine tastings or chocolate massages to the list of things you want to do in the Netherlands.

One of the most romantic ideas ever is a ride on a gondola. Simple and effective.

Thinking of a gondola makes us dream of Venice, yet Amsterdam boasts one hundred kilometers of canals according to Wikipedia. That’s more than 1000 poetic stone bridges covered with ivy and locks to pass under.

We are talking here about the Venice of the North so if you hit the capital of the Netherlands during winter time you can change your mean of transportation for even more romantic ice-skating. Hold hands to improve your experience and hug frequently to avoid freezing up.

While in Amsterdam you can’t miss a dine out with your beloved one at NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. It’s so elegant you may feel like a young Audrey Hepburn before Tiffany’s. Lovely chandeliers, wooden ornate ceilings and interiors and French Empire furniture boil up to create a royal like environment at Dam Square, in the heart of the city. A style that is in order due that the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is opposite the hotel.

What’s the thing with boat rides that makes them so romantic? Anyway, Bruges -in nearby Belgium- is possibly one of the cutest towns in Europe with lovely Flemish architecture frozen in time and slow-motion promenades. Schedule an afternoon walk across Minnewater Park, aka the Lake of Love, home for hundreds of swans, which used to be a symbol of eternal love since these birds usually mate for life.

Bruges, Belgium

Don’t miss a day in nearby Ghent, also boasting lovely canals and romantic cafes where to have croissants and some delicious Belgian chocolate. Round your romantic stay in Belgium with us at NH Gent Belfort, a four starred cutie with the best spa facilities, private dining rooms and room service, in case you want a permanent ‘don’t bother’ around you and your partner.

Cycling around Rotterdam is as romantic as a fine dinner at a French bistro but cheaper and lot healthier. A new scenery bike route was open in 2011, the Vaartenroute, between The Hague and Rotterdam: 26,8 km over dozens of wooden bridges, tulip fields and traditional windmills. Cycle your way through the most romantic idea of the Netherlands, live the picture you already bore in mind.

The Netherlands are also perfect for a romantic ride in a hot-air balloon; there’s no stubborn mountains bombing the views. Choose some spot next to Keukenhof Park -the Garden of Europe- where more than 7 million tulip bulbs create a la-la-land or near Breezand, a small Northern village home for the largest tulip farm in the Netherlands -so important its annual opening is hosted by the Royal Family. 

Keukenhof Park

Looking for romantic things to do? What about a walk around this awesome place, Keukenhof Park?

There’s a local  funny saying –God created the world but the Dutch created the Netherlands-to explain why they have to build up their own country, recovering land from the sea, but it should have a second part because Dutch grown-ups may be doing all the hardcore work but Dutch children are clearly in charge of decorating the landscape with thousands of crayons and tons of imagination that will help you – lucky lovely coupleforget the world ever existed.

And, please, if you are thinking about spending your honey moon in the Netherlands don’t hesitate it (the Dutch are super friendly, food’s fine and you’ll have an amazing time) but avoid visiting Stavoren at all costs -there’s a course for loving couple who dare bother the Lady of Stavoren. You’ve been warned but here’s the link to her story anyway.

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