Rythm and style below the Equator

By Sergio González | 10:30

Buenos Aires winter at lively Recoleta St

Europe, North America and the rest of Northern Hemisphere is at the point of entering the year’s coldest season and you can feel it, not only in the air but also in people’s mood. We are becoming lazier as the Sun does too and going out on a Friday night seems less appealing when thermometer threatens to go below zero.

Planning a trip to a warm destination during this time of the year can be tricky. Many common tropical destinations are going through their hurricane or wet seasons and places are obviously deserted. If still you refuse to half-see the world through a thick scarf, don’t get sad, Southern America summer is about to bloom and it offers a thrilling travelling experience full of cool things to do after a long day at the beach

Beyond its tourist slogan rightfully claiming the country to be a continent in itself -you can find glaciers as well as jungles and deserts to challenge your body and mind- let Argentina amaze you. Fine food, sexy tango classes and friendly outgoing people who love Arts and culture gather around all kind of music festivals, shows and performances to enjoy summer season opening in Argentina.

Fuerza Bruta is considered A-M-A-Z-I-N-G by Perez Hilton, an incredible wild trip by Usher and original and exciting by Forbes; they describe themselves as a non-stop collision of dynamic music. If you don’t want to miss the aerial image show that’s dragging the most discerning attention, they perform in Mar del Plata, 4 hours driving South Buenos Aires, next Tuesday 13th.

Mar del Plata deserves some of your time beyond sunbathing and clubbing. It developed a picturesque and chic architectural manner when it became a seaside destination for the upper-class at the beginning of 20th century. The benefits of its waters and long sandy beaches attracted the rich who built mansions and states inspired by art decó, the French fashion of those times that soon refined many other buildings, squares and avenues in Mar del Plata.

The city it’s has been a beacon of culture and modernity since then. From 17th to 25th November, the most important film festival in South America, Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata, celebrates its 27th edition, praising local cinema stars and the latest 3D cartoon films (in Spanish).

November is the perfect time to hit La Plata not only because of the many concerts and shows going on but also because the weather is already warm but the city still remains uncrowded -avoid January at all costs-. You’ll come back home with an enviable tan and the place will be peaceful enough to recover from a lively night with a healthy breakfast by the sea or walking up and down the beautiful boulevards.

To feel the real upscale style of Mar del Plata, NH Gran Hotel Provincial is where you should stay. It’s a landmark location -the centerpiece of many city’s skyline postcards- and quintessential luxury accommodation in Plata, with amazing views over the ocean and two steps away from the beach. There’s no room for words, you have to check it out!


NH Gran Hotel Provincial, a Mar del Plata landmark

2013 fashion comes hard and ready to beat the last moments of this hatred economic crisis  armored with spikes and  black leather.

Do you remember when we last saw studs on belts and jackets and hard rock bands on t-shirts? It’s a trend claimed to 2008, when the financial collapse started. It seems designers want us to be ready to fight.

If you like walking on the wild side, don’t leave Argentina; the place is perfect for rock and heavy metal music lovers. Among Spanish speaking countries, Argentinean rock bands are the most famous ones.

During the first week of November, Buenos Aires hosts Maquinaria Festival Argentina 2012, where the best international bands will meet an audience hungry for big emotions and pure rock and roll. Wednesday 7th you can shout to be made for loving your babe in River Plate Stadium. Kiss will also start touring here their hot 20th studio album Monster, freshly released last October 9th.

They are considered one of the most influential bands in rock music and surely Marilyn Manson got a couple of ideas for his customs from the mythic New York band. The master of industrial rock -whose name praises two American icons, the actress and the killer- will show his new Born Villain on Thursday. The rebel British guys of The Prodigy will fill the air with beats from drum n’ bass and punk that will make the audience go frenzy this Friday 9th.

Photo Credit: PhilipC

Photo Credit: NH Hoteles


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