Should I go hybrid?

By Sergio González | 10:13

The best hybrid cars should be fueled by green electric energy

Hybrid cars have been around for a while in some countries like the States but in Europe and China they are still a novelty. Should we look at them with disregard or should we consider one for our next purchase? What can we learn from America’s experience? Is it really worth it? 

Hybrid cars keep on raising many questions but first of all we must know what we are talking about because the term hybrid cars is used loosely. 

Hybrid means it is fueled by two different power sources. Most hybrid cars available on the market have an electric engine and a regular combustion one, but hydrogen and many other fuels can power hybrid vehicles.

Green cars are not perfect and their batteries are pollutant, but still way cleaner than regular car batteries.

Hybrid cars are usually regarded as less powerful but that’s just people in need of an update. This and other myths about clean cars come from the 70s and 80s but current investigations are making possible petro-hydraulic cars. This technology, based on a self-recharging accumulator, has been used in trains for many years but only recently it was possible to produce cheap smaller engines for cars. Is it a great advance? The American Environmental Protection Agency has tested improvements in energy savings up to 70% compared to a regular engine.

On average, a hybrid car is around 5,000 €  and up when compared to regular ones, and while the low price of gas in the States is one of the main obstacles, in Europe those five grands will pay off pretty soon, even if you don’t consider the savings in insurance and loans or the incentives. Besides, living in a cleaner environment should be rewarding enough.

If you already own a green car, thanks for caring. We appreciate  your gesture so much that we want to help you keep driving green. At some destinations it’s really hard to find an electric gas station so we decided to offer you electric plug-ins at our hotels. Check out how NH parking help you save the world from more pollution.

And so you know that when you stay with us you are staying in a truly green hotel. For projects like NH Eurobuilding green lighting by Philips and for carrying out our environmental plan way deeper than anticipated and eight years before it is due.

NH Hoteles cares, so here’s where you can plug your green car

The best hybrid cars, at least according to their popularity, are either Hondas or Toyotas, Prius being the king of the hill, yet American manufactured cars are about to change that. Anyway, if you are looking to buy the best hybrid car around, consider the issue of the hybrid battery. Most manufacturers offer a ten-year guarantee on the green engine and you’ll probably buy a new car before that time goes by, but pay attention because some models like Ford Escape hybrid need a battery replacement after 50,000 miles.

Hybrid cars were first designed more than one hundred years ago and they are getting cleaner, cheaper to maintain and as reliable as conventional cars so maybe it’s just the right time for all of us to go hybrid. 

Do you own a hybrid? 

Photo credit: Argonne National Laboratory

Photo credit: NH Hoteles Flickr


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