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By Sergio González | 11:15

Christmas is the time when we all feel more willing to help, carried out by a cooperative mood that’s in the air, inspiring everybody everywhere. Who knows why -or who cares- but at Christmas we all smile a lot more and by that simple gesture, life becomes much better. It’s like Pay it Forward all over again!!

Plato, Rousseau and many other philoshopers reached the same conclusion a long time ago, man is good. We want to be good and behave like caring human beings as many times as we can. Don’t you feel awesome when you help others? So does everybody; this is just one of the many real life projects inspired by little Trevor’s 3 favors rule.

Helping our community should be an everyday task but sometimes busy modern life gets in the middle and as Natalie Imbruglia used to say illusion never changed into something real. To make wishes turn into actions, Christmas is the perfect time for a first approach to charity services and to undertake bigger projects rather than helping your old neighbor with the shopping bags.

There are plenty of Christmas charity programs going on and surely one will match your liking or schedule. Besides, we don’t need a reason to be good, it’s just the way we are.

Cooking and catering is the first contact with Christmas charity for most of us. No special skills are required, just tons of energy for the hard work ahead, but if you can actually cook or have any waiting experience, they’re going to love you there.

Pack your family all together to peel potatoes and watch over soups and stews at any local charity soup ktichen or food bank. You’ll enjoy great family bonding time plus you’ll be helping the world to be a better place. The clientele is friendlier than what you might have expected at first and you’ll surely make enough friends to make you willing to come back for New Year’s Eve.

Everybody can join christmas charity programs

Christmas time if you’re hospitalized is hard, terrible if you’re a kid. You can join some existing charity group to deliver presents and good feelings to them. Usually, these visits are organized by shools, churches,  firefighters or the doctors and nurses themselves so ask around. However, anyone can arrange some play-time, a puppet-show or a Santa’s visit to hospitalized children. If there’s no such programs available at your local community, you can start one just with some friends because all these children need is affection and time, what we all have.

We shall not forget our most beloved little friends. Not every cat and dog can find a surrogate family while their owners are on Christmas holidays and many spend this time in kennels. It’s not as if pets knew it’s Christmas, but they surely can use some extra affection. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated by all-the-year-round volunteers.

Check out your neighborhood, block, city or village to see what’s most needed. The old school needs repainting?  The park could use some new greenery and cleaning but city hall is broke? Start an awareness campaign. Use social media free tools and look for local help for on-the-street-actions. Don’t hesitate, people want to help and will do so if given the chance! 

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