Sports, rest and travel

By Sergio González | 12:57

NH Hesperia Isla Margarita, Venezuela

Many hit a holiday resort once a year but a greater deal often travel back and forth. Anytime of day or night, thousands of planes are flying through the air carrying millions of people all over the world to close business deals, see relatives or perform in crowded stadiums. London has seen nearly 11,000 athletes flying into the 2012 Olympics, some travelling 16 hours from the antipodes.

Every week during the sports season, worldwide airports get anxious to take a picture with an NBA player or that soccer-star on their arrival to the match next day. Business people and professionals of any kind go miles everyday to meet the needs of our globalized economy. How do they manage to rest and keep ready for the encounter?

While in flight, the tips are simple. Remember to charge the battery of your preferred device and wear your most comfortable shoes. Consider some extra clothes -they are very good blankets and pillows- and try to match your sleep with the new time zone. Obviously, meals onboard aren’t the healthiest so unless you are Carl Lewis, bring some fruit with you -if you get security to agree.

While you stay, a light work out or twenty minutes cycling can work wonders for your numbed muscles, recovering lost energy without getting worn out. To round it up -or to be the sole activity if you just feel you need extra relaxation- water is the answer.

The health benefits of bathing in mineral warm waters were known by cavemen before Greek and Roman thermae added the classy and sophisticated touch to water treatment.

NH Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

To get rid of the unwanted stress modern life brings, NH offers three luxury locations with high-class spas.

NH Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi is amazing from every angle. Since the moment you are approaching this jewel carved into the rock over the sea you’ll feel it’s difference and uniqueness among others. It shows the tranquility of those who know that true sophistication is exquisite simplicity.

Totally refurbished, white and beige are allowed to shine everywhere in rooms, corridors and terraces, respecting its memory as a monastery and making your stay clear and purifying. Surely the lovely views over the Mediterranean the same shared by very famous painters and photographers- would be enough but be sure to visit the wellbeing oasis.

In Southern Spain, Sotogrande Resort boasts a golf course desgined by Ryder Cup winner Dave Thomas. Almenara course surrounds NH Hotel Almenara, making this fine Mediterranean decor hotel the perfect getaway for golfers. But they should be booking in advance because Elyseum Spa -with a complete hidrothermal circuit and exclusive beauty treatments– is in high demand during the season.

Isla Margarita in Venezuela could have perfectly inspired Madonna to sing “Isla Bonita”  just as San Pedro did. This Caribbean dream is untouched by mass international tourism so beaches are still unspoiled and virtually empty. NH Hesperia Isla Margarita is a five-star resort in the Northern coast that run a fitness center and spa club frequently visited by the Venezuelan elite.

It’s an ideal destination to practice some tennis or swimming in its many sports facilities, displayed among the golf course. Next 2014, Isla Margarita will be holding the baseball tournament of the Caribbean Series.




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