Spring Efficiency: 3 simple ways to make the future even brighter!

By Sergio González | 10:11

Keep reasonable temperatures at home

Do you like Spring? Are you enjoying its fresh air and the arrival of new blooming flowers everywhere? Sure you do! We all need to spend some time in nature, but if you want it to last and to be even better than next year, here is a 3-step resolution on how to be make your home eco-friendly. 

Reducing CO2 emissions is clearly a main goal to preserve the planet as we know and like it, green and thriving. We put a lot of effort in reducing our carbon footprint. From electronic bills to efficient and eco-friendly lighting or electric car parking, we never stop implementing new green ideas and projects on our mission to help make a better place for everybody.

Whenever you stay with us, you can calculate  your carbon footprint -also you can see how much CO2 you reduced while on your trip – and you can also make your business meeting at NH Hoteles totally green by taking part on our eco-meetings

You may think this is a lot of trouble but consider what is at stake and the rewards waiting for you. Beside the benefits of doing what’s right, greener means more efficient and more efficient means cheaper. If you go green, you’ll save a lot of money you could be spending in a getaway to a Mediterranean island.

In order to reduce our CO2 emissions the best thing we can do is turn down the thermostat. Rooms that are too warm in winter and too cold in summer can sometimes be a waste and our climatisation systems working and polluting way to match. Get a sweater and a fan and keep temperatures reasonably above or below outside one. Closing blinds and curtains will also keep heat in during winter and out during summer; money saved with no struggle.

Second step on this ‘how to become eco-friendly’ tour: turn everything off, don’t leave your appliances on standby. We usually don’t acknowledge how much power we can save by doing this little thing and even if we did, we have so many ones that it can become a tiring task to perform every time you leave your home. Help yourself by plugging every electronic device in a room to the same power-strip.

Keep your fridge as full as possible

Prevent your kitchen appliances from overworking by keeping them clean and efficient. Don’t set your fridge to very low temperatures and do some regular maintenance to the freezer. Also, make sure leftovers are cool before putting them in and try to keep them as full as possible. Empty space means they’ll be cooling useless air all the time while a simple bottle of water will maintain its own temperature and the fridge will consume less. Second step accomplished, your appliances are now environmentally friendly.

Third, use wise gardening and consider oriented planting for your yard. Make space for some trees and bushes south and east if you live in a sunny region (shading will lower demand for electricity) or plant them as a barrier against hard winds. The greener your garden, the more CO2 you’ll help capture. Thanks for your contribution!

By doing all this, you can save up to 25% of your energy. You know your bill, so do the math and start deciding which beach you want to lay by with your new savings! How do you save energy? 

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