Spring Fever: Why we love this season so much!

By Sergio González | 12:22

Spring is coming to town

We’ve been on this planet for a lot of time, enough for our bodies to get perfectly  in sync with the natural environment we live in and of which we are a part of. Spring fever is nothing but our natural reaction -all about hormones- to a phenomenal cosmic event; Earth’s translation movement around the Sun. There’s no need for you to decide whether you believe in Spring fever because it’s happening anyway, to every single one of us.

As Earth leans towards our shinning star, days become longer and brighter and our brain knows. It stops producing so much melatonin, guilty of promoting sleep, to let us enjoy that extra time in the sun; it has plans for us.

People smile a lot more -serotonin working- and Facebook and Instagram get loaded with tons of beautiful natural scenery from around the world inviting our adventurer inside to finally get rid of the winter. We feel a lot of energy empowering us and we want to get into the groove. 

The more serotonin our brain orders into the system, the more social we become. We are less grumpy and even more eager to go out and make new friends, or meet someone special. Summer love may be passionate and fun but spring love is tender and romantic, it’s the miracle of life happening to us. Get your body and mind ready with a state-of-the-art complete spa treatment; Spring and you deserve it.

As it’s warmer, we feel better outside breathing fresh air and watching the amazing show of blossoming nature. We may decide to walk back home from work or even meet up with some friend to run a couple of miles. The more time we spend under the sun, the more vitamin D we process, another natural mood lifter; hope you like salmon or herrings because they’re very high in Vitamin D.

Flowers Timelapse from Katka Pruskova on Vimeo.

Sun rays do much more than grow crops and get bees busy, they affect us on a more private level, setting our sexual hormones on fire. More ovulation and higher testosterone levels make spring the season when most pregnancies happen, for all mammals. One of the main codes in DNA is survival and replication the way to get it. According to University of Texas, this seasonal pattern in reproduction increases chance of survival.

We know our brain commands the whole body thing but its powers only reach until modifying our mood not telling us how to satisfy the new energy and lust for life we’re experiencing. The time to get rid of winter’s clothes and mood has come. Get some new clothes, buy a dog, visit a beautiful European city or tell someone that you love them; it’s spring fever. Spread and share the joy! What do you love most about this colorful season? 

Photo creidt: melakai

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    Spring is one of the quietest stations, is giving us a peaceful natural!

    Successes with the blog!


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    Thank you for your comment! We’re glad you enjoyed the post! Visit our blog daily for more interesting posts! 😉


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