Spring flavor!

By Courtney Imel | 11:45

Santceloni restaurant in Hesperia Madrid

Spring is in full bloom, with longer days, shorter nights, and best of all warmer weather. One of the best things about this time of the year  is getting the chance to enjoy fresh spring products and ingredients that will make you dishes flourish with flavors. So out with the heavy winter dishes and in with light, healthy, and overall tasty options for your next meal! 

Go green 

As the old saying says, you must eat you greens! As it turns out, it’s true. Fresh green vegetables are vital to our heath and provide essential vitamins to our diet.

This season, keep your eye on artichokes that are rich in antioxidants, iron, and have also been proven to prevent cancer. With endless lush thorn leaves covering the tender heart center, artichokes may seem like more of a hassle to prepare, rather than a simple healthy treat. Serving generally as a light starter dish, the  leaves are generally peeled off and dipped in a particular sauce such as melted butter hollandaise, mayonnaise or alioli. The heart is actually the most flavorful part and can be used in many dishes such as sautées, dips, casseroles and even pizzas! The fact is that whether you prefer to grill or boil them, there are endless ways to enjoy this lean green vitamin machine

Strawberry fields forever 

Although strawberries are available in your local supermarket all year long, the general peak season for this juicy fruit is in season from April until June. This spring fruit jewel is juicy and delicious and is also high in vitamin C, fiber, and contains many powerful antioxidants. Whether it be a refreshing strawberry daiquiri or an indulgent strawberry short cake, this ruby red fruit serves as a sweet addition to many salads, sauces, pastries and desserts, nothing beats the flavor of a juicy, sun-ripened strawberry in season. 

Black diamonds

One of the most lavish seasonal luxuries in spring is the Perigord Black truffle. Coming from France, usually the southwestern region known as the Dordogne, these subterranean mushrooms are all the buzz this time of year. The season generally begins in November and lasts until mid-March, making foodies and connoisseurs stir crazy to get their hands on these black diamonds”.  The average price of these truffles can run around 1,000 € a kilo but on the good thing is that just using a small amount of shaved truffle can add an incredible amount of flavor and essence to just about any dish. Famed Spanish chef Santi Santamaria claimed: “The black truffle is the soul of nature, its hidden essence”. 

The black truffle season is recognized throughout the world, and many restaurants celebrate this tradition by creating specialized menus dedicated to the art of the truffle. 

Smoked Ricotta Ravioli with caviar “Petrossian, Alverta Imperia from the Santceloni Spring carte

Two-star Michelin star rated restaurant Santceloni, lead by acclaimed chef Óscar Velasco, located right inside the Hotel Hesperia Madrid celebrates this season with its Days of Black Truffle. The menu, which is specially created to enjoy this jewel of our land and the cuisine in all its glory lasts just until mid-season. 

Chef Oscar Velasco designs this dining experience for the maximum enjoyment of the guest, who will be given the opportunity to discover the secrets of this quoted fungus that lives hidden underground. Given that no two truffles are equal, each with its history, its pungent aroma and odd shape. He selects them one by one to ensure the highest quality and integrity of its organoleptic qualities prized by foodies around the world. 

If you’re feeling tempted, don’t miss out on discovering chef Óscar Velasco’s creations at restaurant Santceloni where excellence in service and gastronomy delight our customers. We’ll give a small taste of some of the dishes that chef Velasco has prepared especially for the spring menu: Octopus and cauliflower soup to start, continue with an exuberant Marinated Mackerel with smoked mashed carrots and orange, or a lovely smoked ricotta ravioli with caviar “Petrossian, Alverta Imperial” and finish it off with rum pear soup with cinnamon ice cream! 

The guiding principles of  Santceloni are to bring you the best culinary traditions, techniques and produce so that you can enjoy a memorable gourmet experience. In all senses and for all of your senses



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