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By Sergio González | 10:30
dj table

Thimbles? no, a dj table. Similar tools for different but close arts.

The cost of a fashion catwalk show can vary from $60,000, for an average one outside the main fashion weeks, to several millions if you’re looking for the biggest show of the season. Top-models’ fees and renting a 18th century palace can turn the bill into a really fat one. Still, every designer wants their show.

At first, they were the newbies in fashion world to do online catwalks. The costs can be reduced drastically and most potential customers see it through a screen anyway, so, as for any other low-cost venture, going online seems the wise choice for fashion entrepreneurs.

Streaming catwalks is finding a safe nest in Japan and South Korea, where the audience is quite used to listen to the news from a virtual broadcaster or sing the catchy tunes performed by a teenage pop star who’s actually a hand full of bits.

Some well-seated names of Western fashion industry also realized this online update was what they needed, a touch of modernity to tell the world they’re still cool and trendy. However, despite the successful impact of Wang or Jacobs’ online public runways, they still want us to take a live look at their collections. Why?

The answer comes along with fashion industry itself. Most brands know they don’t sell products but concepts, behaviors, role models… and fashion has it easier than other businesses to step it up and market complete life-styles since our outfit gives others much more information about ourselves than the tablet we use or the soda we drink.

Maybe a mix of both can be the right answer, it’s notoriety you want after all. Or maybe not? Last spring, Chloé streamed an online runway, but only for those under strict invitation because fashion industry plays by the rules of exclusivity, otherwise it would be just clothes.

We know it and so they do. Fashion industry sells dreams and dreams are meant to be seen yet also touched, smelled, tasted and listened to. A live runway offers the designers the chance to reach our senses in a way online world, currently, can’t.

trendy dj at a runway

International trendy djs are a regular at best fashion runways

When organizing a runway, everything is tailored to the bit. You’re selling an ideal conception and it has to be perfect. Besides, a crappy show won’t speak for your clothes.

You need to know exactly how much time each model is going to walk and their order and you should have already decided the lighting and put the last stitches, but you can’t miss the most important thing, apart from clothes, rhythm.

The music you, or your producers, have decided to play along is going to mark the entire show. The beat carried out by the walking mannequins, their pace and body language, will tell the world about the strength or naivety of your collection, how it is and who is it for; and it’s a stroke drawn straight by the track or the live music playing.

Tons of runways happen every year and the tunes that help market the dream can vary from Gaga to revisited folk music, even during the same show. Here come the music tracks selected by who decided what we’re wearing this incoming winter.

The sweeping tenderness of songwriters Rae Moriss and Joan Armatrading were chosen by Burberry to soften their traditional squared patterns matched to the this-season-compulsory military look. If you have a vintage military jacket in your wardrobe, it’s your best friend when temperature goes down. If you’re going to buy one, this time they come with ethnic inspirations and full of badges. Anti-establishment look is on.

Prada went for a total impact at Fall- Winter 2012/13 runaway where black fabrics and studs came along cold industrial beats of Space, Love by Laila, an Iranian DJ whose former work with Björk can be appreciated in her unquieting tracks. Tough styles for tough people living tough times.

If coral was the king of colors last summer, despite its disturbing name, Oxblood is going to be crowned queen of the cold season. Burgundy’s cooler sister is a vivid red with some shades of browns that’s shaking these days the fashion blogosphere. The blunt indie style of NY based band Yeah Yeah Yeahs  was Alexander Wang’s choice for introducing his views on Oxblood color while Ralph Lauren was seduced by the mild sophistication and enchantment of popular TV series Downton Abbey.

Do you have you own ideas? Which song do you think fits best with the looks for this fall-winter? Studs are coming in boots, jackets and almost in every piece of garment, impossible to skip them. What about this one to match?

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