Summer cocktails to help you feel like it’s the weekend!

By Sergio González | 12:15
bellini shot

Summer, the beach and cocktails do add up

Swimming in the afternoon, a delicious light dinner ,some drinks and a chat with friends tells you Summer has arrived to your weekends and it’s time to chill and fully enjoy you are alive. Get outdoors and upgrade the usual drinks with cool chilly summer cocktails, ready to impress your guests -from the craziest to the most discening- and to refresh your summer. Also high in vitamins if you go for fresh fruit; it’s all advantages.

Ernest Hemingway was a wonderful writer but he was also famous for knowing his drinks. It seems he had the best fiestas in Pamplona –sanfermines festivals and its famous ‘running of the bulls’ are about to start– but it was in Cuba where he used to order mojitos, looking for inspiration for Santiago’s character, the old man troubled with the sea.

Possibly the king of summer cocktails, mojito is perfect for any BBQ because everybody likes it. It’s a little sweet but so refreshing because of all the acid from the limes you can’t help enjoying it. They are the perfect pairing for all that grilled meat you want to savor.

Recipes range from every taste and color but for a basic yet delicious DIY mojito grab some brown sugar, spearmint leaves and limes to work the wonder. Put the sugar and the leaves in a glass and two or three slices of lime; smash it thoroughly. Add ice puree, one part of rum and two or three parts of soda.

Cocktail recipes are very strict in proportions but we are no bartender, just people trying to have fun so don’t get stressed with that. Try different options until you find the one matching you. For example, the original recipe call for carbonated water -so easy to find- but 7up works perfectly fine. Actually, take rum out of this potion and you have virgin mojitos, perfect for designated drivers.

Among other classic summer cocktails, bellini should be in order in every brunch to be worth that name. A simple but exciting drink with a cooling effect, all you need is summer peaches and Prosecco other white sparkling dry wines are acceptable. Grind or blend the peaches and add the puree to a chilled champagne glass. Don’t peel them, the skin adds the delicious peach flavour. Then simply fill up with super cool Prosecco and enjoy to the bits.

If you don’t feel like getting into all this trouble, get us get you a perfect brunch. NH hotels boast wonderful bars in many cities centers and next to major airports. We understand our bars not just like a service to provide in our hotels but a whole experience to offer our guests. Try the trendiest cocktails at any Nhow cool location, Berlin or Milano -soon in Rotterdam- or give it a classy twist with a visit to ‘La Terraza del Casino’ in Madrid -chilled gentlemen ambiance, great views of Madrid and skillful bartenders.

There’s no better way to beat an Independence-day celebration that with a cocktail named the Patriot or its milder version, the LiberTea. Both are a mix of black tea, ice, lemon and bourbon, great to mix up in jar and share with a large party. Add mint leaves for the Patriot and lemonade for the LiberTea. Get both recipes and some more on summer bourbon cocktails from this post.

raspberry jello shot

Try raspberry jello shots as a desser for your next summer dinner or as a party starter

Mai Tais and Daiquiris are ok but with all the revolution happening in gastronomy, drinking is improving a lot as well so let’s dazzle our drinking buds with a Spicy Peartini. It’s martini, it’s spicy but it’s also sweet and perfect for a fancy party at home because you’ll need a shaker to do this one. Add one part of rye and wheat vodka, another part of spiced rum and a third part of pear nectar into a shaker already filled with ice. Shake steadily and serve immediately with some pear garnish in a glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar –get some good advice for cocktail garnish here. Order this by the beach for truly drinking away a summer sunset.

Not exactly the most fancy-looking thing until you treat them properly, jello shots add tons of fun and a crazy touch to any party. For a cool chilly dessert for a summer diner try blueberry jello shots served on a ice-made spoon or these great mojitos shots, to be tastied straight from a lime wedge. Genius and delicious!

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