Summer in the city: Munich

By Sergio González | 12:55

Tired of crowded beaches in the South, scorching hot weather and waiting in line every single time you want some food or drinks? Book yourself a trip to Munich, the perfect summer getaway –proudly refreshed by the Alps!

Do you like fighting the heat with a cold ale? Sure Germans do too, although beer here is far more than just a delicious beverage and in Munich, original Oktoberfest’s home, it’s almost a way of living.

Have you ever heard of a beer garden? There are more than 200 scattered all along the city. Well, it is not that fountains offer ‘a cold one’ instead of plain water but the good people of Munich like having communal wooden tables where they can relax and get rid of job stress, so appropriate for summer-time.

Beer gardens are also the greatest place to get in touch with some locals and make new friends to enjoy the rest of your visit with. Learn a little bit about the different beer gardens in Munich from this post.

As much as they love beer, Germans are also environmentally conscious and green and eco-friendly awareness in Munich is huge –it’s normal for green political parties to be part of government bodies- and anything but cars is the preferred way of transportation. That means a healthier life for them and tons of fun for visitors willing to enjoy a different side of the city.

Facades-NH München Deutscher Kaiser

If you love roller-blading, Blade Night is going to be your thing. Every Monday, roller enthusiasts meet at Theresienwiese and cruise the city -from 9 pm on. Be sure to double check the web site because they like doing pop-up meetings and there are four different routes. Don’t mind getting there some time in advance because this is not just a bunch of friends rolling it up –more than 10,000 people think it’s cool. Expect yourself in tons of Instagram pictures!

Cycling is another one of locals’ favourite thing to do and renting a bike is so easy in Munich. It’s virtually impossible not to see a renting spot while you walk around the city and cycling infrastructures are excellent, perfect to cycle your morning away on a beautiful green promenade without worrying about traffic.

After having a healthy delicious NH anti-ox breakfast, another perfect morning plan for your stay in Munich is hitting Lake Feldmochinger See. Considered Munich’s shore, this place is a real land-locked beach with volley-ball courts, showers and people wearing sandals with socks.

Locals also love reaching the River Isar banks to enjoy a late summer evening walk or have a family barbecue.

That’s what you could be enjoying in Munich if you plan your trip to the capital of Bavaria region during the warm season (from May until September), besides its many baroque monuments, open boulevards full of fine restaurants and thrilling night life. And if you book now to stay with us, you’ll get the best accommodation in Munich with the hottest summer deals. What are you waiting for? 


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