Summer in the city!

By Sergio González | 10:44

They say going to the beach is for the summer but everybody is there right now which means cities are literally empty, waiting just for you. No two hour line to see a Renaissance palace -and if you pick a coastal city like Barcelona, you can have it all.

Seville, the capital of Andalucia, Southern Spain, is considered one of the hottest visits in the country, but it’s also pretty hot in here during the summer -we’re talking about 40ºC degrees. Many people would avoid visiting in August but the city couldn’t be any better prepared for these high temperatures. 

Sights in Seville are numerous and, in one word, imperial. Seville used to be the place where all the wealthy people from America would disembark and towns and noble houses would compete with each other in magnificence and splendor. Don’t get fooled by the ornate outsides, the real deal are the ‘patios’, beautiful inner courtyards where you can relax and enjoy a cold ‘fino‘ or a sweet sherry wine. 

If you only can enjoy a day in Seville, start at “La Maestranza’ bull-fighting ring (city centre, by the river bank) and walk up and down the old town. Don’t miss the ‘Alcazar’ and its unbelievably beautiful gardens, UNESCO World Heritage. Seville’s Cathedral and the so famous ‘La Giralda’ and ‘Torre del Oro’ are the photos you shouldn’t skip.

As the sun sets, allow your feet to guide you to ‘Triana’, the most unique neighborhood in Seville. Narrow streets, balconies full of flowers and scrumptious ‘tapas’ will be coming your way.

Enjoy our fantastic accommodation in Seville’s center. We boast modern designer hotels with all the facilities you are looking for and roof-top pools to enjoy the best views while swimming the heat away. And if you are up for some sea, sand and sun, Cadiz and Sotogrande are the getaway beaches. 

Visiting Northern Europe in Augost is the best idea ever. 

Amsterdam’s canals get truly beautiful during the summer, with no ice threatening your trip (they usually get frozen during December and January). Besides, Dutch summer is flooded with all kind of music, film and food festivals

Your beach in Amsterdam? Blijburg Lagoon.

The summer and our hot deals come together to take you any where. Dive into our awesome discounts (up to 25%) and discover the city you’ve been craving. No excuses, just tons of fun and the leisure time you surely deserve. Enjoy your summer with us!

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