Summer in Tuscany

By Sergio González | 10:08

This is what you need to know to spend your summer holidays in Tuscany, possibly the most beautiful place in Italy.

Tuscany is a worldwide famous Northern Italian region, home of 7 World Heritage cities, more than 100 protected areas -whether natural or man-made- and all the food, art and fashion names we love and we consider the most delicious, the highest and the finest. 10 million visitors every year decide to discover these wonders by themselves, although it isn’t a surprise for Tuscans.

Halfway between Rome and the Alps, the region of Tuscany is the natural corridor between Italy and France so trading and tourism has always been their thing -pilgrims from all over Europe coming to see the Pope through Florence and Lucca were already reported in the 5th century. 

Tuscans have been dealing with foreign visitors since ever and being nice and friendly comes just natural for them. Besides, they speak the common language, a never too appreciated trait. 

However, we should be honest and give Mother Nature some credit. The natural scenery in Tuscany is really astounding, as if it had been painted into life by the genius, naive mind of a Renaissance master. 

Quench your hiking desires at Alpe della Luna or Mount Pisanino (and beautiful Lake Gramolazzo), some of the most breathtaking trails in the Apenin Mountains. If you visit in winter time, you’ll get the most awesome views of frozen lakes and snow-covered roofs.

But if you want to escape to this bucolic piece of land right now, take advantage of our discounts in Italy. Enjoy the sun-kissed Tuscany in summer and book one day to visit Val d’Orcia, UWH and what you expect to see in Tuscany; gently cultivated hills and tiny rural villages, anchored to the time of castles and princesses.

Tuscany also boast an incredible shore -yes, they have everything. Same lovely villages and cultural towns, Piombino and Livorno, but wisely placed by the sea and some beautiful beaches. Stylish sea & sand holidays and thrilling nightlife, mainly locals.

Monuments rich in history, the finest high culture and general beauty as you walk around is what you must expect when visiting Tuscan cities. If you happen to be there now, you should already be heading to Siena; the Palio is happening as we speak.

Among the many sights in Florence and visits -Uffici Gallery is absolutely worth the line but Piti Palace gallery is equally incredible and far less known- you should come visit us at NH Porta Rossa, a living testimony of Tuscan early accomodation industry. It’s a hotel from the 12th century. Yes, you read right, it’s been attending guests for almost 900 years.

Come have a coffee and enjoy this unique bulding of Florence, fully renovated with tasteful furnishing and lighting, and climb up the Monalda Tower inside the hotel to get the best views of the city. Just one warning -don’t hesitate to book the suite at the top of it if you have the chance, it’s hardly ever available.

If you decide to go shopping in Florence, and you should decide it, soon you will notice how clever Tuscans are and how long they’ve been in the tourism industry. 

Florence, like many other European cultural cities, enjoys the visit of hundreds of thousands of Japanese every year, the most beloved tourist by designer stores since the Rising Sun loves spending big money on Chanel and Gucci, much cheaper straight from the source than in Asia.  

However, Japanese culture is so rich in manners and courtesy that despite the training and efforts, many times Japanese shoppers find themselves outraged by a surprised and confused shop assistant who has no idea what went wrong. This happens everytime, everywhere, but in Florence. There are Japanese shop assistants -who also speak English and Italian- in many shops and every up-scale store waiting for a happy line of shoppers. Nailed it!

What do you love most about Tuscany? 

Photo credit: Chi King 

Photo credit: Christopher Schoenbohm


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