Surreal Natural Landscapes to go hiking

By Sergio González | 11:28

Experience a magical natural landscape at the Beach of the Cathedrals

We tend to think we’ve seen it all but our planet still hold many secrets for travelers interested in discovering what is concealed to the most. If you’re tired of posting vulgar photos pushing the tower of Pisa or want the most astounding background to amaze your Facebook friends, have a look at these surreal suggestions to your next stylish holidays.

Colorful made up mountains

As shocking as it might sound, there are several mountains on our planet that seem to have trapped a rainbow underneath. Forget about boring grey or brown stones, these cheerful mountains will welcome you wearing fabulous yellow, scarlet and blue dresses.

Geologist would tell you that iron oxide and ceaseless erosion over the reddish stone is what makes these hiking paradises exist but I’d rather think that all these shades of hot colors have been chosen by a divine painter’s hand to make our planet even more mysterious and appealing.

In Europe, you can see colorful mountains in Iceland. In the South of an already surrealist island, at Fjallabak Natural Reserve, green and blue igneus rocks turn Brennisteinsalda and Bláhnjukúr volcanoes in one of the country’s best attractions.

On the border between Argentina and Bolivia, Quebrada de Huamaca become UNESCO World Heritage in 2003 since this valley has been a common route for culture and ideas spreading -it’s part of Camino Inca-. These South American colorful mountains wouldn’t be so special without the Hornocal mountain range.

The most amazing ones are in China, Danxia Zhangye Mountains. A landscape that could have been designed by Lewis Caroll or Tim Burton covers a vast area of blue peaks and red valleys in the very heart of the Asian tiger.

Rock jokes

If you’ve already watched Prometheus, surely you’ll remember the pointy pikes where Alien saga begins with some innocent archaeology. Luckily for all fans, it’s not an unreal creation from Ridley Scott’s mind but natural surrealism from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Around the overwhelming rocky place you can also find the Eye of Sauron and someone from house Stark whispering winter is coming. If you like fantasy, book you flight to Scotland right now.

The Galician landscape is told to have been forged by giants and when standing at Playa de las Catedrales you understand why. Santiago de Compostela Cathedral might be the most famous man-made church of Galicia but fantasy rock arches over the beach are the most natural spiritual option.

In the Patagonian Andes, you can also pray animistic style at the Marble Chapel by Lake General Carrera. Despite its remote location, boat excursions sightseeing killer landscapes attract many tourists from all the continent to the white marble caves and cold turquoise waters.

Gran Canyon drags all attention but check out Bryce Canyon in Utah

And The Nile became red.

In the Southern border between Spain and Portugal, close to Parque de Doñana, Odiel and Tinto rivers are the Martian embassy on Earth. The presence of iron is so high in the valley that it’s literally a red landscape, where only some bacteria are able to thrive in this harsh sulphureted environment. Actually, NASA researchers used their banks as a field lab for Mars exploration.

Antarctica is clearly the less visited continent in the world but it doesn’t lack some natural charms worth visitng by the boldest tourists. Blood falls, at Taylor Glacier are exactly what they sound like, a water-fall of blood. Well, actually it’s water rich in iron oxide but this macabre looking landscape deserves its Tarantino style name.

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