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By Sergio González | 10:21

One of the several means of transportation you can choose for your hiking experience

As weather gets milder our impulse to jump into the wild grows stronger and there is no better way to satisfy it than taking your friends for a hike for a few days. Yes, there’s life beyond the city and it’s infinite; we’re sure you won’t miss the neon lights too much!

You can do it in many places, mountain hiking is not the only option. Try to Google wherever you are because surely there’s some interesting hiking trails around and places to exercise while breathing in some fresh air. Besides, it’s always a ton of fun and you’ll get to know your friends better.

Just a simple walk in nature can be considered hiking although when unexplored lands are trodden it’s called trekking, and that’s what we are looking at today. It’s the best -because of hard, hardly accomplished or the most mesmerizing scenery- hiking and trekking trails you can get on this planet. Animal riding is optional but always good to have around when you’re tired or want to step your hiking experience up a notch.

Taking the easiest trekking trails doesn’t mean losing the best views of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon hike may be the mark-on-my-belt every hiker wants, because it not only offers a difficult trail but also a time travelling experience, two million years back into the most breath-taking geological architecture of North America.

According to the National Park Service of America, there is no simple trail in and out the canyon so overnights by the river are only for pro hikers. If you just want a single day hike, safe but with all the amazing views, they recommend either the South or the North Rim trails. If you’re looking for a several-day Grand Canyon adventure anyway, you can join one of the many hiking groups around. March and November are your dates if you want a more cathartic experience without mass tourism.

Al Deir Monastery, another awesome building in Petra

Since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was released in 1989, we all bear the carved city of Petra in mind as one of the coolest destinations ever. The so famous façade of Al Kazneh is part of a much larger place, within a community of stone cities that have been recently discovered in the area. This was one of the lost routes of the Silk Road and a must do hike trail for romantic adventurers.

It’s a 50 mile trail through the Jordan desert and you’ll need a whole week and different means of transportation, some of them non mechanical, to reach Petra but it’s the point of this hiking journey. After seven days following the steps of thousands of traders on the sand and seven nights sleeping with the Bedouins by any oasis you can find, you’ll arrive to overwhelming Petra through the same stone corridors Harrison Ford and Sean Connery did. Get more hiking and trekking ideas around the Kingdom of Jordan and the Wadi Rum desert.

The out-of-this-world views that start from the Grindewald hiking trail in Switzerland

For a first time hike with some overnights, consider taking the Grindelwald trail in Switzerland. A wonderful scenery, with green valleys as taken straight from a fairy tale and the most impressive peaks of the Alps make this hike one of the best ones in Europe. Most people wait until the height of summer but it’s already hikable if go by the hand of a good local guide.

To make it even easier, the Swiss have kept everybody in mind. You can reach the first part of the trail by cable car and sleep in a luxury hut at 8,800 feet whenver you feel it’s time for some rest. No worries and all the breath-taking views. Enjoy hiking in the wild but keeping your own city style!

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