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By Sergio González | 10:10

The ‘reactable’, the future of music instruments

Gadget lovers are living in heaven. If you ever go to see a movie just because the special effects are awesome, aka Gravity, you should cheer. Technology is making again fun of Star Trek stuff, which is edgy no more.

Russia sets Sputnik again on the air, this time a search engine to compete Google, Apple announces and confirms rumors on the 22th October meeting and Adidas and Nike keep on fighting for our future crush with smart runner bands. Tech trends and innovative technology for our lives is bursting.

They say guys love adding technology to everything making it unnecessarily complicated, but truth is everybody finds technology useful when it’s applied wisely. Think for a second how awesome it would be to unlock your bike from your phone. Oh yes, no need for imagining, it’s already here. Say hi to Bitlock.

BitLock works with any bike, but in these times of ours it seems right for bikes to become i or smart or something. Find why you should be upgrading your ride to FlyKly Smart Wheel because you’re going to love it.

First of all, you don’t need to buy a new bike. You can keep your cool retro piece because the Smart Wheel is the simplest engine ever, beautiful and just a round piece on the rear wheel that you aren’t ashamed to be tagged to.

Techy and green, it can be recharged by connecting to the grid, but also with your pedaling, and allow you to set features like max speed from your phone. Fully charged, it can take you 30 miles at a speed of 20 mph. Going to a date on bike is now possible because sweating is no longer an option. Will this smart wheel finally let us leave segways horror behind?


One of the few things we usually remember from physics class in school is that sound and light travel at really different paces. Something we all experience everyday now whenever we try to connect to a popular wi-fi spot. Waves travelling the air are slow and tend to mingle too much with each other, grinding the patient of our gears.

The guys at Shanghai Fundan University are the heroes that will put this shame to an end. They thought it would be cooler and faster to have data travelling by light so they worked Li-Fi out. Go check it because it seems this is next generation wi-fi you soon wish you had.

Actually, li-fi works by waves too but they vibrate so quickly the naked-eye can’t see any motion. The tech is already developed into a LED bulb that can light normally a room, and a little camera to receive and understand the data, what means it is ready for the market.

Li-fi is supposed to be 10,000 times faster than wi-fi, with no bandwidth limit. Eternal happiness, here we go. While this is still a prototype, using free high speed wi-fi at NH hotels is real. Anyway, enjoy with caution. Texting at that speed may confuse the police.

Photo credit: Ars Electronica


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